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American government

What is Civics ? The study of citizenship and government.
What is Naturalization ? aliens become citizens.
What is Demographics? Is the study of characteristics of human population
What is Census? count of numbers of people in the country
What is a Refugee? A person who flees another country
What is a visa? Allows you to go to another country as a immigrant
What is Alien? People that are supposed to be in another country but they're not
What is a Quota? Set number such as for immigrants who may enter a country.
What is Native born? Born in a place or country indicated.
What is a immigrant? People who came here from another country
What is Values? equality , liberty and justice.
What is undocumented? Not to be supported with legal papers.
Chinese Exclusion Act of 1924? Prohibit certain people to come in to the US by their skin color.
National Origins Act of 1924? Created immigration court is based on natural origin.
Know- nothing party? Against German and Irish immigrants because they were afraid of people that work from the US
James Foley A journalist that was killed
Three important American values? Equality and liberty and justice
Describe three responsibilities of a good citizen? •Voting• taking a part in the government •helping the community
Describe three duties of American citizenship? •Active person of Society •Produce •Education
What is a Census and why do we have it ? to track how many people are there.
Participation of its citizens and government and society? •Voting~ to be elected officials• jury duty~ citizens in a democracy participating in the justice system Community service- help solve your citizens problems •Run for office~ any Citizen can be the government
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