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Chapter 4 Test

American Lieutenant who won the Battles of Vincennes and Kaskaskia in the West. George Rogers Clark
October 1780 battle in South Carolina where the Over The Mountain Men “Patriots” won a brutal battle over Loyalist Troops. Kings Mountain
French Aristocrat who provided military expertise to Washington and the Continental Army. Lafayette
He was defeated at the Battle of Saratoga, N.Y. John Burgoyne
He came from Prussia to train Patriots in drilling and organizing their troops. Von Steuben
This was a victory for Washington and a surprise for his army in cold December 1776. Trenton
Turning point of the Revolutionary War because France sent help to America. Saratoga
He wrote Common Sense and The American Crisis. Thomas Paine
British General who lost many soldiers at Bunker Hill. William Howe
German soldiers who were paid to fight for the British. Hessians
The site of Cornwallis’s surrender to Washington. Yorktown, VA
Freedoms that cannot be taken away by the Government. Natural Rights
A law that required colonists to pay a tax on printed materials. Stamp Act
This ended the Revolutionary War. Treaty of Paris of 1783
Why did the British pass the Intolerable Acts? Punish MA for the Tea Party
Colonial merchants signed non-importation agreements because of ... Taxation without Representation
How did the American Revolution affect other Countries? Other Republican groups fought to overthrow Aristocratic Government.
American diplomat who negotiated alliance with France. Ben Franklin
Those who did not want Independence from the British. Loyalists
First shot of this war was fired here. Lexington
Commander of the Continental Army. George Washington
Virginia representative who argued for more radical opposition to Parliament. Patrick Henry
Groups that formed after the Boston Massacre to promote colonial unity and Inform the other colonies. Committee of Correspondence
Meeting at which colonial delegates formed plans to boycott all British goods. First Continental Congress
He led the Sons of Liberty. Sam Adams
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