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Chapter 1 WesternCiv


There is growing support for the theory that the earliest ancestors of humans probably appeared in Africa around 2,000,000 years ago
Early ( Old Stone Age) humans did all of the following EXCEPT develop pottery and weaving
The agricultural revolution- the planting of crops and herding animals- had all of the following effects EXCEPT It promoted the concept of male "father" deities
The first agricultural villages appeared in the hills of the Near East because the region offered the necessary combination of animals for domestication and vegetables and cereals.
The appearance of civilization brought all of the following EXCEPT The end to the period of extensive reliance on slavery.
The geography of Mesopotamia influenced Sumerian civilization in all the following ways EXCEPT The region's isolation led Sumerians to see themselves as unique
After around 2000 B.C., the Babylonian Kingdom established its control over lower Mesopotamia, subduing or destroying the Sumerian city-states. The greatest of the Babylonian kings was Hammurabi
The early Mesopotamians developed all of the following EXCEPT Monotheism
The geography of Egypt influenced Egyptian civilization in all of the following ways EXCEPT The looming presence of mountains inspired the Egyptians to build great pyramids.
All of the following characterized Egypt during the Old Kingdom EXCEPT The concept of "right order" reflecting the will of Aton, the supreme sun god.
The Egyptian New Kingdom, or Empire strengthened its control over the nobles in order to create a powerful military state that extended its power beyond the Nile Valley into Palestine & Syria. The New Kingdom arose in response to the rule of which people? The Hyksos
The Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II concluded the first known non-aggression pact with The Hittites
All of the following characterized Egyptian society EXCEPT The economic difference between free citizens and slaves was vast.
The Phoenicians accomplished all of the following EXCEPT Establishing a centralized, sea-based colonial empire.
The chief legacy (or legacies) of the Hebrews to Western Civilization was/were Belief in a single God and ethical laws.
The Assyrians accomplished all of the following EXCEPT Eliminating rebelliousness among subject peoples.
The Chaldeans and the Medes divided the Mesopotamian territories of the Assyrians
"Indo-European" refers to a language group
Zoroaster was not considered divine
The most skillful administrator of the Persian Empire was Darius
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