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New Spain/New France

New Spain and New France

Missionary a person sent by a church to teach its religion
Conquistadors 1st settlers in New Spain
Native Americans treated as slaves by the Spanish colonists treated fairly by the French because they traded goods with them
haciendas large estates to raise cattle and sheep on that the Spanish established in the borderlands
missions a small religious settlement that has homes and churches
Champlain mapped where the beavers were found along the St. Lawrence River and around the Great Lakes; he established Quebec in Canada
LaSalle Completed the journey down the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico and claimed land for France naming it Louisiana
Marquette Missionary who spoke many languages; was sent to find the Northwest Passage
Joliet Fur trader and mapmaker; was sent to find the Northwest Passage
land owned by Spain Southwest America, Florida and Mexico
land owned by France Parts of Canada, Northeast America and land along the Mississippi River
Northwest Passage Waterway that flowed to the Pacific Ocean; thought it was the Mississippi River, but was not correct
Louisiana Land claimed by France along the Mississippi River
How did the Spanish develop their colonies? Slaves- first Native Americans and then African Slaves both built presidios and missions
Why were missions so important to the Spanish? Spreading religion was very important - convert the Native Americans to being Catholic
How did thousands of Native Americans die in New Spain? fighting the Conquistadors, hunger, overwork, diseases like measles, smallpox and influenza
What animals were important to the Spanish? Cattle, horses and sheep--they raised them : Horses and sheep--traded them with the Indians for corn and pottery
What riches drew people to America from Spain and France? Spain- gold, silver and lead : France- furs
Why did New France grow so slowly? civil war in France, Indians fighting, other Europeans settling in French areas
How did the French treat the Indians? What types of items did the French trade with the Indians for fur? because the French were trading, they treated them kindly wool blankets, metal tools and pots, weapons
What was the result of the journey of Marquette and Joliet? opened up the Mississippi River to trade and settlement and they found it was not the Northwest Passage
How did France get colonies build in America? King of France decreed that "if you wanted to trade furs in America you had to start a colony"
Why was exploration and settlement difficult for France in America? the conditions were harsh (swampy lands and hot weather), there was no strong leader, and not enough people to live in their colonies
Why was it important to establish colonies in New France and New Spain? To protect the lands and colonist that lived there and its natural resources
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