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AR Women

Women of the American Revolution

Margaret Corbin Went to war with her husband and took over the cannon when her husband was shot. First woman to receive a pension from the war.
Esther de Berdt From London resided in Philadelphia, member of Daughters of Liberty and raised money for war efforts.
Nancy Ward Cherokee tribe on side of the British. Was an arbitrator-try to make peace between sides.
Phyllis Wheatley Poet. She was a slave lived in Boston. poetry was about equality. She was praised by George Washington.
Deborah Sampson lived in Massachusettes and signed up for the minute men under the name Robert Shifflin, Led a raid on a Tory home.
Elizabeth Freeman sued for her freedom in Massachusetts. Heard the Declaration of Independence and knew all men(humans) should be free. Sued and won. first to woman to get freedom
Sybil Ludington 16 year old that warned the militia of British coming. She rode 40 miles in the rain.
Deborah Franklin Lived in Philadelphia and ran the post office and general store. Strong business woman during the Revolutionary war.
Abigail Adams Knew the importance of including women in the newly created declaration of Independence.
Prudence Wright Leader of the minute women, dressed like a man and spied for the Patriots. She protected a bridge from the British advancement.
Grace and Rachel Martin Soldiers, dressed like men to be part of the war. Interrupted an important letter in South Carolina.
Peggy Shippen lived in Philadelphia and was a spy for the British
Martha Washington was more than a generals wife she fund raised for the continental army
Catherine Moore Barry Both a spy and messenger warned that the British were coming and was able to fend off the British in battle of Cowpens
Penelope Barker Led women in boycott of British products
Mary Lindley Murray Distracted British to allow Patriots to escape. Fed the British to distract them
Emily Geiger South Carolina 18 year old messenger across opposing lines to get help
Hannah White Arnett leader and motivator to get women to help in the war effort
Anne Bates school teacher and ran general store she spied for the British
Lydia Darrah Quaker and spy. She held parties and General Howe attended where she would listen to plans and then inform George Washington.
Anna Warner Bailey Helped by supplying the soldiers with supplies and helped care for the wounded soldiers.
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