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Components - grol

60 questions

What happens to the conductivity of photoconductive material when light shines on it? It increases
What is the photoconductive effect? The increased conductivity of an illuminated semiconductor junction.
What does the photoconductive effect in crystalline solids produce a noticeable change in? The resistance of the solid.
What is the description of an optoisolator? An LED and a photosesitive device.
What happens to the conductivity of a photosentsitive semiconductor junction when it is illuminated? The junction resistance decreases.
What is the description of an optocoupler? An LED and a photosentsitive device.
What factors determine the capacitance of a capacity? Distance between the plates and the dielectric constant of the material between the plates.
In figure 3c4, if a small variable capacitor were installed in place of the dashed line, it would? Decrease parasitic oscillations.
In figure 3c4, which component (labeled 1 through 4) is used to provide a signal ground? 2
In figure 3c5, Which capacitor (labeled 1 through 4) is being used as a bypass capacitor? 3
In figure 3c5, the 1 microfarad capacitor is connected To a potentiometer that is used to: adjust tone.
What is the purpose of a coupling capacitor? It blocks direct currect and passes alternating current .
A capactior is sometimes placed in series with the primary of a power transformer to: improve the power factor
A transformer used to step up its input voltage must have: more turns of wire on its secondary than on its primary
A transformer primary of 2250 turns connected to 120 VAC will develop what voltage across a 500-turn secondary? 26.7 volts
A power transformer has a single primary winding and three secondary windings producing 5.0 volts, 12.6 volts, 150 volts. Assuming Similar wire sizes, which of the three secondary windings will have the highest measured DC voltage? 150 volt winding
What is the ratio of the output frequency to the input frequency of a single full wave rectifier? 2:1
A power transformer has a primary winding of 200 turns of #24 wire and a secondary windings consisting of 500 turns the same size wire. When 20 volts are applied to the primary winding , the expected secondary voltage will be : 50 volts
In a linear electronic voltage regulator: The conduction of a control element is varied in direct proportion to the line voltage or load current.
A switching electronic voltage regulator: Switches the control device on or off, with the duty cycle proportional to the line or load conditions
What device is usually used as a stable reference voltage in a linear voltage regulator? Zenor diode
In a regulated power supply , what type of components will most likely be used to establish a reference voltage? Zener diode
A three terminal regulator: Contains a voltage reference, error amplifier, sensing resistors and transistors, and a pass element.
What is the range of voltage ratings available in zenor diodes? 2.4 volts to 200 volts and above.
How might two similar SCRs be connected to safely distribute the power load of a circuit? In parallel, reverse polarity.
What are the three terminals of an SCR? Anode, cathod, and gate.
Which of the following devices acts as two SCRs connected back to back, but facing in opposite directions and sharing a common gate? TRIAC
What is the transistor called that is fabricated as two complementary SCRs in parallel with a common gate terminal? TRIAC
What are the three terminals of a TRIAC? Gate, anode 1 , and anode 2.
What circuit night contain a SCR? A light-dimming circuit.
What is one common use for PIN diodes? RF Switch
What is a common use of a hot-carrier diode? VHF and UHF mixers and detectors.
Structurally, what are the two main categories or semiconductor diodes? Junction and point contact.
What special type of diode is capable of both amplification and oscillation? Tunnel diodes
What type of semiconductor diode varies it's internal capacitance as the voltage applied to its terminals varies? Varactor diode
What is the principal characteristic of a tunnel diode? Negative resistance region
What is the meaning of the term "alpha" with regard to bipolar transistors? The charge of: Collector current with respect to the emitter
What are the terminals of a bipolar transistor? Base, collector, and emitter
What is the meaning of the term "beta" with regard to bipolar transistors? The change of: Collector current with respect to base current
What is the elements of a unijunction transistor? Base 1,base 2, and emitter
The beta cutoff frequency of a bipolar Transistor is the frequency at which: Emitter current gain has decreased to 0.707 of maximum
What does it mean for a transistor to be fully saturated? The collector current is at its maximum value
A common base amplifier has: More voltage gain than a common emitter or common collector.
What does it mean for a transistor to be cut off?
There is no current between emitter and collector.
An emitter-follow amplifier has: More current gain than common emitter or common base
What conditions exists when a transistor is operating in saturation? The base-emitter junction and collector-base junction are both forward biased.
For current to flow in an NPN silicon transistor's emitter-collector junction, the base must be: At least 0.7 volts positive with respect to the emitter.
When an NPN transistor is operating as a class A amplifier, the base-emitter junction : Is forward biased and the collector- base junction is reverse biased
What type of bias is required for an LED to produce luminouscense? Forward bias
What determines the visible color radiated by an LED junction? The materials used to construct the device
What is the approximate operating current of a light-emitting diode? 20mA
What would be the maximum current to safely Illuminate a LED? 20mA
An LED facing a photodiode in a light-tight enclosure is commonly know as a/an : Optoisolator
What circuit component must be connected in series to protect an LED? Series resistor
What describes a diode junction that is forward biased? It is low impedance
Why are special precautions necessary in handling FET and CMOS devices? They are susceptible to damage from static charges.
What do the initials CMOS stand for? Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor
What is the piezoelectric effect? Mechanical vibration of a crystal by the application of a voltage.
An electrical relay is a: Remotely controlled switching device.
In which oscillator circuit would you find a quartz crystal? Pierce
Created by: pookee888
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