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Claim to fame, reason to explore, sailed for, success

Marco Polo Venice, Italy. Wanted to establish a trade relationship between Asia and Europe. Famous for being the first person in Mongol ruled China and was first to record Asia and his journey in full detail. Success was no because he didn't establish the relation.
Bartolomeu Dias Portugal. Find Northwest passage. Famous for sailing around the tip or Africa and naming it Cape of Storms (good hope). Successful in the sense that he found Brazil and present day Cape of Good Hope.
Christopher Colombus Spain. Find western sea routes along China and India and find the fabled gold and spice islands of India. Well known for finding the Americas. Successful in the sense that he found the Americas (he thought it was Asia).
Vasco De Gama Portugal. Find maritime trade route from Western Europe to the East. First person to successfully find a sea route to India. Successful in the sense that he found the sea route and reached India but no because he died on his 2nd trip.
Amerigo Vespucci Portugal & Spain. Find area. He found out that the North Americas were their own continent. America is named after him. Success? Yes, explored America and didn't die in the process.
John Cabot England. Find the Northwest passage and reach Asia going west. Found Newfoundland, Canada and claimed land for Europe. Success? No, he didn't find Northwest Passage but claimed land for England.
Vasco Nunez De Balboa Spain. Motive was to trade gold, pearls, slaves, and cotton. Claimed the pacific and all it's shores for Spain. Success? Yes, because he found land for Spain and claimed the pacific for Spain.
Juan Ponce De Leon Spain. He wanted to be famous & find fountain of youth. To claim land and gold for Spain. Found the coast of Florida and present day Puerto Rico. Yes and no, wanted to find the fountain of youth but he didnt. Killed on second trip. Yes, found land.
Ferdinand Magellan Spain. Find trade route to Asia. First person to sail around the world. Success? No, he died but some of his crew made it but yes because he navigated the world.
Hernan Cortes Spain. Go on an expedition to explore and secure the interior of Mexico for colonization. Captured Aztecs leader. Success? Yes, considering all of his accomplishments and he wiped an entire country for Spain and bought back a lot of resources.
Francisco Pizarro Spain. Wanted to conquer Peru and the civilizations there. Discovered Costa Rica and fought the Incas and conquered Peru and claimed it for Spain. Success? Yes, because he conquered Peru and claimed it from Spain.
Jacques Cartier France. To find new routes to Asia, new land, and to find new riches. Discovered Canada, explored and mapped the St. Lawrence River. Success? Yes, found new land, riches, and resources.
Hernando De Soto Spain. To find riches such as gold and silver & find land. Claimed modern day Florida, first person to explore Florida and South East America. Success? Yes, because he claimed land for Spain, became a rich conquistador, and discovered Mississippi River.
Fransico Coronado Spain. Explored America southwest, find the 7 cities of gold, and map out area that was found. Explored New Mexico, Kansas, Arizona, and parts of Colorado and governor to present day New Mexico. Success? No 7 cities of gold but found GC and Colorado RIver
Sir Francis Drake England. Pass around South America, through the Strait of Magellan, and explore the coast that lay beyond. He found land for England, Oregon land. He also helped circumnavigate the world. Yes, he circumnavigated the world and helped defeat Spanish Armada
Samuel De Champlain France. To be a geographer for New France. Founded the first French colony in North America, Quebec and mapped most of North America. Success? Yes, he established Quebec and set up fur trading posts.
Henry Hudson Dutch & English. Find Northwest passage to orient. Discovered Hudson Bay, James bay and modern day New York. Success? Yes and no because he found a lot of area and modern New York but it wasn't because he didn't find what he was originally looking for
Created by: kjairam075
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