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Unit Three

Important People

Who Was: Spanish and the first explorer to map the coast of America Pineda
Who Was: Spanish, and the first person to write and report about Texas, the book is called LaRelacion Cabeza De Vaca
Who Was: French, Established Ft. St Luis, Killed by his own men, First European to map the Mississippi (hint: sank the La Belle) La Salle
Who Was: Spanish, Convinced the viceroy of New Spain to colonize East Texas and Caddoes to Catholicism Fray Damian Massanet
Who Was: Spanish, Led Spain's expansion efforts in South Texas, set up 23 settlements in South Texas, Settled lands between Rio Grande and Nueches establishing lots of stuff Jose de Escandon
Who Was: Spanish Franciscan priest that founded several missions in East Texas and then went to San Antonio and established San jose y San Miguel de Aguauyo, one of the five missions in San Antonio today Antonio Margil de Jesus
Who Was: Spanish - Priest at Mission San Francisco de los Tejas - caused Spanish to be suspicious of French colonization. He gave a speech in 1810 that encouraged mexicans, Texans and others to fight for their independence Francisco Hidalgo
Who Was: Spanish conquistador in search of gold in Mexico Francisco Vazquez de Coronado
Who Was: February 1519 - sailed from Cuba to Mexico with 500 soldiers, tore down the aztec capital, and took treasures - City was renamed Mexico City Hernan Cortez
Who Was: a Spanish explorer and conquistador who led the first European expedition deep into the territory of the modern-day United States Hernado de Soto
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