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Cherokee and Slavery

the Cherokee's trail of Tears and Slavery in the South

What was the Indian Settlement act of 1830? It required all Indian tribes to move west
What Indian tribe refused to move West The Cherokees
What did the government offer the Cherokees $5.7 million
Why did the people want to own Cherokee land There was gold
What did the government force Cherokees to do? The government passed the Indian Removal Act and forced all Indians to move West
About how many Indians died on the journey About 4000
What did the Portuguese do They were the first to take Africans from their homes and sell them into slavery
Who did Africans themselves sometimes sell into slavery Prisoners from neighboring tribes
When did Massachusetts legally recognize slavery 1641
What was an indentured servant Someone who works as a slave for a period of time to pay a debt
When was slave trade outlawed 1808
List some reasons slaves were sold illegally - To keep up the increasing demand for laborers on plantations - To keep up the increasing demand for agricultural products
Why did few slaves learn to read and write It was illegal in most states
When did the Northern states outlaw slavery 1818
What was the Underground Railroad An escape route to the northern states from the southern states
What did the 13 amendment to the Constitution outlaw slavery? When? In 1865 slavery in ALL the USA was outlawed
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