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social studies ch1

According to most experts in what way did people first come to the Americas? They first came by land bridge.
What is one reason people who settled different parts of North and South America developed different cultures? They developed different cultures because they had different materials and agriculture.
What were two types of economies found among different Native American groups? Two types of economies are hunting bison and fishing.
What was the most important resource for people of the plains? People of the plains depended on bison.
How did the government structure of small and large Native American groups differ? Large groups had a council and a chief as leaders.Small groups travel in small units and the top male of the group was the leader.
What do the kachina dolls represent to the Pueblo people? The kachina dolls represents one of the Hopi peoples gods.
What was a key role of Native American women in feeding they're families? A key role for women in feeding they're families is planting and harvesting crops.
Created by: ngood