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US Facts & Symbols 1

US Documents and Addresses

In what hemisphere is the USA? the western hemisphere
The USA is part of what continent? North America
The USA is south of... Canada
The USA is north of... Mexico
How many states are in the USA? 50
What is the US capital? Washington, D.C.
What were the old capitals of the USA? New York City and Philadelphia
The Declaration of Independence was written by... Thomas Jefferson
The Declaration of Independence was written during the... 2nd Continental Congress
The Declaration of Independence declares the ____________________________ separation from _____________________________. 13 colonies, Great Britain
The Declaration of Independence was approved on... July 4, 1776
Who helped TJ draft the Constitution? John Adams, Ben Franklin, Robert R. Livingston, and Roger Sherman
What was the 1st system of government after independence from Great Britain? The Articles of Confederation
What were the two major sections of the Articles of Confederation? preamble and 13 articles
The states had __________________________________ under the Articles of Confederation. more power
Under the Articles of Confederation, ____________________________ had no power or way to get _____________________. Congress, money
Under the Articles, the _______________________ had little power. central (or federal) government
Why did the founding fathers feel that the Articles of Confederation were not working? They needed a stronger central government
Who drafted the Federalist Papers? Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison
The Federalist Papers contained ________ essays. 85
What pen name was used to write the Federalist Papers? Publius
Where were the Federalist Papers printed? New York City
When were the Federalist Papers printed? Oct. 1787 to May 1788
What was the main message of the Federalist Papers? The argued for a stronger central government
What was the "Great Compromise" at the Constitutional Convention? There would be 2 lawmaking bodies (bicameral), House and Senate
The number of House Representatives per state was based on... population of the state (benefitted the larger states)
The number of Senators per state was based on... an equal number (2) per state (benefitted the smaller states)
What two issues divided the delegates of the north and the south? commerce and slavery
What is considered to be the supreme law of the land? The Constitution
What replaced the Articles of Confederation? The Constitution
What are the 3 main sections of the Constitution? The preamble (purpose), The articles (structure of the government), and the Amendments (changes)
What are the 3 main principles of the Constitution? inherent rights, self government, and the separation of powers
What are the 7 major topics addressed in the articles of the Constitution? Legislative Branch, Executive Branch, Judicial Branch, States, Amendments, Supremacy, and Ratification
What document freed the slaves? The Emancipation Proclamation
When was the Emancipation Proclamation ? 1862 (during the Civil War)
Who freed the slaves with the Emancipation Proclamation? Abraham Lincoln
Who delivered the Gettysburg Address? Abraham Lincoln
The Gettysburg Address was delivered at what event? the Civil War memorial dedication at Gettysburg, PA
When was the Gettysburg Address delivered? near the end of the Civil War (1863)
Created by: lindsaylr
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