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US History Vocabular

Amendment A written change in or addition to a document
Entities A thing with distinct and independent existance
Flat Money In convertible paper money made legal tender by a government decree
Initiative Voters can submit a petition to the legislature proposing a new law
Laissez-faire to let alone; refers to no governmental regulation or interference in the economy
Monopolies Industry in which there in only one producer or in which on producer has substantial control of the Market
Muckraker Meaning "One who inquiries into and publishes scandal and allegations of corruption among political and business leaders" Popularized 1906 in speech by President Theodore Roosevelt.
Populist People's Party organized in 1890 to secure political and economic reform.
Progressive Reformers who wanted to improve American Life
Recall Procedure by which a public official may be removed from office by popular vote
Refrerendum Practice allowing voters to decide a legislative issue
Suffrage The right or privilege to vote
Third Party Independent political groups that work to elect officials to public office, based on individuals who break away from one of the major parties, have a single issue of concern, based on an ideology.
Trust a monopoly that controls goods and services, often in combinations that reduce competition.
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