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Egypt Part 1

Including study slideshow, pop quiz, and notes

What is the meaning for the word "Pharaoh"? Great House
What is the source of the river nile? Lake Victoria
Where is the location of Upper Egypt? Southern Egypt in Nile Valley
What did Imhotep build? Step Pyramid
Which Egyptian god empowers the pharaohs? Horus
True/false: Anubis is the god of the dead False
Who is responsible for fighting against chaos in Egypt? The pharaoh
Who was Narmer? 1st king of the 1st dynasty and unified upper and lower Egypt.
Prior to the building of the pyramids, kings were buried in low stone buildings. What were these called? Mastabas
Which pyramid was the first to contain the tomb within the pyramid rather than under it? The Meidum pyramid
What are the two main tributaries of the Nile? Blue Nile and the White Nile
What system was used to support ceilings and walls in early pyramids? Corbelling
What story is being told on Narmer's Palette? The Unification of Egypt
What is kemet? "Black Land" It is the area of land after the Nile floods that is rich and fertile.
What is the purpose of the Ka? It is the spirit of the recently deceased pharaoh remains behind to assist the new pharaoh, even if the new pharaoh doesn't want him there.
Who built the Bent pyramid? Sneferu
Who built the Meidum pyramid? Sneferu
Who built the Red pyramid? Sneferu
Describe the great Sphinx. Body of a lion, and the head of a man. This is also known as Anthropomorphic.
What was the first capitol of a united Egypt? Memphis
What type of government is ruled based off of religion? Theocracy
Other than hieroglyphics, name one type of writing on the Rosetta Stone. Greek or Demotic
What are the three types of writing on the Rosetta stone? Hieroglyphics, Greek, and Demotic.
The great pyramid was constructed during what period of Egyptian history? The Old Kingdom
Which is closer to the upper Nile? The Mediterranean Sea or the first cataract? The first cataract.
Where is the land of the dead? The West Bank of the Nile.
Why is the land of the dead called the land of the dead? Because no one lives there.
Where is the land of the Lotus? Upper Egypt
Where is the land of the Papyrus? Lower Egypt
Where did the first people to settle in the Nile Valley come from? The Sahara
During mummification, which substance is used to dry out the body? Natron
What is Natron made up of? Sodium Chloride and Sodium carbonate. Both of these are salts.
What is a shadoof? The tool used too take water from the Nile; crop irrigation.
How do you use a shadoof? Take a leather pouch, scoop water up from the Nile, and place it into an irrigation well.
An anthropomorphic god displays what sort of traits? Human characteristics on a non human creature.
What is a canopic jar? A jar that stores mummified internal organs that are placed int eh tomb with the person.
Which four organs are placed in canopic jars? Stomach, liver, lungs, and intestines.
How many canopic jars are used in a single funeral? Four
A good mummification job can be determined by examining which three parts of the body? Nose, Fingers, and Hair.
Which was the first true pyramid in Egypt? The Red Pyramid.
What does the scarab beetle represent? Regeneration
Where is the scarab beetle placed on the body? On the heart
What is Ammit? An animal that eats the sinful hearts during the heart weighing process.
Which three animals is Ammit made up of? Crocodile, Hippo, and Lion.
Who was buried in the great pyramid? Khufu
What is another name for Khufu? Cheops
Who is the goddess of order and peace? Maat
Who helps the pharaohs keep order and peace? Maat
What is in the book of the dead? Poems, spells, wishes for the dead.
What does the book of the dead do? Helps the spirit get to the underworld and get through the processes to get there.
Who is the devourer of souls? Ammit
Who is the bringer of chaos? Seth
What is a cartouche? An oval with the name of a pharaoh written inside of it in hieroglyphics.
What is the purpose of a cartouche? To be able to identify a pharaoh.
Who is the goddess of beauty? Hathor
what is a sarcophagus? The Egyptian coffin for the wealthy
What is used to wrap a mummy? Thin strips of linen cloth
Which pyramid can be seen from the Red pyramid? The Bent pyramid
Which pyramid can be seen from the Bent Pyramid? The red pyramid.
Who is Sneferu's son? Khafre
Who is Sneferu's grandson? Menkaure
Which pyramid is known as the pyramid disaster? Meidum pyramid.
Who was the first person to create a true pyramid? Sneferu
T/F Sneferu's entire family followed in his love for agriculture True
What was the original angle of the Bent pyramid? 53 degrees
What was the adjusted angle of the Bent pyramid? 47 Degrees
Why is the Bent pyramid called the Bent pyramid? Because at the top, the pyramid is angled at a sharper angle.
What does Narmer's name mean? fish chisel
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