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Every Action and every investigation aims at some... Good
Telos= end or goal
Common people think of good life as a life of pleasure and self-gratification is an example of... The Life of Gratification
Culitvated people think happiness is found in honor and political activity is an example of... The life of Political Activity
Business or work seems to be another possibility is an example of... The life of Money-Making
This is the life that will be examined in the Nicomachean Ethics... The life of Study
Nothing more needs to be added or nothing more can be added is an example of... The GOOD is complete/living life well
More than anything else seems unconditionally complete and makes life choice worthy is an example of ... Happiness
By itself, the GOOD makes life choice worthy is an example of... The GOOD is also self-sufficient
However, the GOOD is not found in... isolation
What is GOOD found in? since human beings are social it includes family, friends, and the community.
That is, a function which makes it to be the specific kind of thing it is. This is an example of... Everything that exists has a Characteristic function
The good for a musician or an artist depends on paying music or doing art well is an example of... The key to discovering the highest good of a thing and its characteristic function.
This will be true for a human being also, if humans as one kind of thing have a... Characteristic function
matter + form / ? body + soul
But what is the characteristic function of human beings? It cannot simply be living-- that is, the life of nutrition and growth-- for even plants are alive is an example of...
What is not unique to humans? sense-perception
What is an activity of the rational soul, in accordance with Virtue, in a complete life? Human Good
According to Aristotle, the human soul has what 2 parts? a. A non rational part
What is the challenge of ethics? Sensing their responsibility to make things better, these woment and men have also struggled to do what they believe and hope is the right thing to do.
What is the concept of ethics? Assumes that there exist norms, principles, values, that have, are, and always will provide the foundation for a good life.
These norms, principles, and values do not come from what? A religious, moral, political, or social source/
What is mutuality? Generalizability, Caring, Respect, and Honesty.
Ideas concerning what is good, proper, and just is... Knowledge
A practical judgment about what must be done in this situation, given what theory and best practice suggest is... Practice
Discrete skills to achieve what is good, proper, and just is Techniques
Effective leaders are... virtuous, reflective, wise, and decisive
Whos primary concerns are... "what ought to be" give "what is" doing right things balancing the common and collective good
Ineffective leaders are... Implement ideas mindlessly, deny responsibility, and point the finger of blame at others.
Who's primary concerns are... Doing things right, self-protection, and one's desires and wishes.
The gradual transformation of an impersonal society into a liable community of people, who respects and recognize in one another the virtues that make being human and contributing to a cooperative endeavor meaningful is... The outcome of ethical
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