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Mississippi Studies

Ch. 3 Test Review

What three major European countries struggled for control of the New World? Spain, France, England
What phrase would Native Americans use to describe the Mississippi River? The waters that lost itself into the great sea
Who was the first European given credit for discovering the Mississippi river? Hernando de Soto
What is the word used to describe a Spanish explorer/conqueror? Conquestador
In what year did Columbus first set sail for the Spanish crown? 1492
What was the first European settlement on the Mississippi River? Natchez
In 1716 the French built a fort on the Mississippi River. What was the name of this fort? Fort Rosaile
What does the phrase Code Noir mean in English? Black Codes
Which European power would have had the most influence in South America? Spain
What did the Natchez Tribe call their spiritual/tribal leader? The Great Sun
What is an area of land controlled by a distant country called? colony
Who is given credit for discovering the modern day lands of Arkansas, Georgia, and Mississippi? Hernando de Soto
What city was established in 1718 on the Mississippi River? New Orleans
What country established the "Crescent City" on the banks of the Mississippi River? France
What were special laws created for African slaves called? Black Codes/Code Noir
What Spanish Conquistador was buried by weighting his body down and sunk in the Mississippi River so not to be discovered by the Natchez Indians? Hernando de Soto
What territory did La Salle claim for France? All lands and tributaries of the Mississippi River and named it the Louisiana Province
How did the policies of the Spanish authorities attract settlers to Natchez? Gave away liberal land grants and guaranteed religious freedom for Jews and Protestants
When did Mississippi become an American possession? March 30, 1798
What was a Casquette girl? French girls brought over to the New World to marry French settlers and soldiers
What treaty would end the American Revolution and establish the United States as a sovereign country? Treaty of Paris of 1783
Describe what "firewater" was... Whiskey, often sold to Native Americans
Why did the Natchez District remain loyal to the British during the American Revolution? Most prominent Natchez citizens were former British soldiers
Who won the French and Indian War? England
Why was control of the Mississippi River considered so important in the early 1700's? control of the river meant an economic and military advantage for whomever possessed it
Created by: davidadams