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Izzy's Study Notes

the majority of Canadians live within ho many miles of the United States 200miles
most Canadians come from what background european background
what are two official languages of Canada french,english
who discovered and prepared insulin for the treatment of diabetes Frederick G.Banting,Charles H. Best
who was from Ontario,but became a missionary to China Jonathan Goforth
Canada is the largest producer of what two minerals nickel zinc
what province produces most of canadas lumber for building British Columbia
other than minerals and lumber,what is another important natural resource in Canada fish
how much of Canadas land is suited for raising crops 5%is suited to raise crops
Canada is ine of the worlds leading exports of what crop wheat
canada is the world leader in the manufacturing of………………… newsprint
what is the name of canadas polio force Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Canada has what form go government constitutional monarchy
who is the leader of Canada and the role is similar to our president prime minister
what are the two houses of parliament house of commons,Senate
what other leader in the Canadian government is the personal representative of the British monarch governor general
which two countries share the longest undefended border Canada,Unite States
Created by: 23felicity
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