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Native Americans

What was the shelter of the Eastern Woodlands wigwams or longhouses
What was the shelter of the Great Plains teepees or earth lodges
What was the shelter of the Great River Basin wikiups
What was the shelter of the Southwest pueblos
What was the shelter of the Pacific Northwest plank houses
What was the land bridge theory The natives were following animals from Asia to North America for food.
Why did people cross over the land bridge and come to the Americas They followed the animals (their food source).
How did the Eastern Woodlands use their forest resources, while showing respect for the land they had been given animals for food and clothing and trees for shelter
What was different about longhouses as compared to all other forms of shelters found among the Native Americans They were very long and 12 families could live there.
How were wampum used in the Eastern Woodland society to mark important events and traded for goods
Parts of this animal were used by the Great Plains Indians for tools, food, clothing, and tribal ceremonies buffalo
Why couldn't people in the Great Plains set up permanent homes They were hunting the migrating buffalo
How was the climate different in the Great River Basin region than in any other parts of America It was very hot in the day and very cold at night
This was a type of dance completed by the people of the Great River Basin in order to bring rain and crops to the area round dance
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