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Greece Foramtive

Greece government and wars

What was the result of the Persian Wars? THIS IS HUGE!!!!!! Athens and Sparta became the most important city-states in the known world. LED TO THE GOLDEN AGE
What is Representative Democracy? A type of democracy where the people choose/elect representatives to vote on decisions.
What is an Assembly? The most important part of the Athenian government.
What is a Democracy? A type of government where all people share power.
What is Dictatorship? A type of government where one person rules
What does well-rounded mean? It means good at many things
What is Direct democracy? A type of democracy where every citizen/person gets to vote in every decision.
What are the requirements to be a citizen of Athens? A male, Athenian, at least 18 years old and not a slave
List three things that all Greek city-states had that were the same. All spoke Greek, religious beliefs and Olympic games
List three things that all Greek city-states had that were the different. forms of government, traditions, dialects.
Athens Government= Direct Democracy-expect for everyone did not get to participate.
Sparta Government= An oligarchy w/ two kings
Athens Children & Education= THIS IS HUGE well rounded so they could participate in gov/ make good decisions
Sparta Children & Education= TOUGH, kids can't be cuddled when crying, education not good, unhealthy babies = left outside to die, taught to steal
Athens Women No political rights, can't own property
Sparta Women Some political rights and can own land
Athens Slaves treated fairly well, no rights
Sparta Slaves treated like farm animals(TERRIBLY), outnumbered one to ten, and often rebelled
Athens Location & Military on coast of ocean, two years of military training, navy was unbeatable
Sparta Location & Military 100 miles SW of Athens, 23 years of military training, located inland, had best army in Greece
Who fought the Persian Wars? Persia and the Greeks (Athens and Sparta mostly)
Who won the Persian Wars? Greece
What was the most important result of the Persian Wars? Athens and Sparta became the two most important and powerful city state of the known world
Greece Part 2
What were Pericles' leadership qualities? Persuasive: Ex. He could get others to go along with his plans/ideas
What were Pericles' leadership qualities? Intelligence: He built a wall to protect Athens during the Peloponnesain War.
What were Pericles' leadership qualities? Hard working: He gets things done and was always seen at work.
Why did the Golden Age occur in Athens - what three things did they have that allowed time of great art and culture? Because they had a good leader, wealth and peace.
During the Golden Age, why did the other city-states begin getting angry with Athens? They got angry because Athens was bullying other city-states.
What happened in the Peloponnesain War: Which city-states Athens and Sparta
Major events in the Peloponnesain War: Sparta attacked Athens and burned down their fields, a plague spread (killed Pericles'), in 415 B.C.E. the invasion of Sicily was a disaster, the Golden Age of Athens was over.
Winner of the Peloponnesain War: Sparta
Results of the War: Sparta made Athens tear down their walls, destroy their navy, and get rid of their democracy.
What were three reasons Alexander was called "Alexander the Great?" *collected more wealth than anyone * ruled more people than anyone * conquered more land than anyone
Why was Alexander the Great important- how did he impact the world? People who lived around the Mediterranean Sea came into contact with Greek culture.
Define Delian League an alliance with city-states- Athens was the leader
Demagogue A leader who focuses on being liked and not what is good for the city-state
Why did the other city-states get mad at Athens They were bulling them and making them pay tribute
Created by: Nannanoel



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