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US HistoryChapter 2

Exploring the Americas

Niña, Pinta, and the Santa María In 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed to America with these 3 ships.
Hernán Cortés Which Spaniard landed on the east coast of present-day Mexico in 1519?
A northwest passage to Asia What did the first explorers from England, France, and the Netherlands hope to discover?
fishing and fur trade What did the French want to establish in the Americas?
Oklahoma Hernando de Soto traveled as far west as what present-day state?
conquistadors Spanish explorers
peninsulares Spanish upper class
pueblos Spanish towns in the Americas
missions Spanish religious communities
presidio Spanish fort
Aztec Hernán Cortés destroyed this powerful empire.
Pizzaro Which man and his army conquered the Inca?
the fountain of youth What was Juan Ponce de León searching for on the mainland of North America?
slave labor What was an essential part of the economy of the Spanish colonies?
disease Many Native Americans died because of _______________after the arrival of Europeans.
astrolabe One of the new developments that made exploration possible was a navigation tool called a(n) _____________________.
San Salvador The first land that Columbus reached was an island in the Caribbean which he named ______________________________.
Indians What did Columbus call the people he encountered in the new lands?
carrack The __________________ helped make long voyages possible because it was large enough to carry the necessary supplies for the trip.
peaceful The word Pacific means _______________________ in Spanish.
Italy Christopher Columbus sailed to the Americas under the flag of Spain but he was born in __________________.
The Americas Explorers in the fifteenth century thought that the Atlantic and Pacific oceans ran together and did not know that _________________ lay between them.
Amerigo Vespucci The fact that South America was a separate continent was discovered by __________________.
Giovanni da Verrazano Who was the first explorer from France to reach North America?
Henry Hudson To find a passage through the Americas, the Dutch hired _____________________.
Protestant Reformation A sixteenth-century religious movement rejecting some Roman Catholic practices and establishing the Protestant churches.
tenant farmer A settler who paid the landowner an annual rent and worked for that lord for a fixed number of days each year
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