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Renaissance Quiz

AP Global

What is the difference between Europe's status in the 1400's to its status in the 1700's? Europe went from only slowly rising from the isolation and depression of the Dark Ages to becoming the most influential continent.
How did Europe manage to change its intellectual status? Broke out of intellectual isolation and ignorance through the rebirth of Greco-Roman culture, realized the corruption of the RCC during the Reformation, the Enlightenment.
How did Europe manage to change its political status? The Reformation took power away from the RCC and gave it to the monarchies, allowing them to expand and build a strong, centralized government.
How did Europe manage to change its economic status? Technological inventions, capitalism, trade with the Middle East, inspired by inventions of Greco-Roman culture.
What sparked the beginning of the Renaissance? The Crusades initiated trade with the Middle East.
Why did the Renaissance begin in Italy? Genoa and Venice were major trading cities, which caused cultural diffusion and wealth for Italy.
Explain why the significance of religion faced a downfall in Italy. Humanism, the main philosophy of the Renaissance (inspired by Greek culture), focused on secular ideas and individualism, instead of religion.
Why did literacy rates increase during the Renaissance? Books were written in the vernacular, Italian, instead of Latin.
How did art flourish during the Renaissance? Wealthy patrons sponsored artists so they could pursue art as a career.
Leonardo DaVinci. Details- Patron sponsored artist from Italy, considered a Renaissance Man because of his knowledge in art, mathematics, and science Significance- expressed humanism, did not see a divide between science and art, secular works
Michelangelo. Details- Patron sponsored artist Significance- Sculptures show Greco-Roman influence, showed the extent of knowledge of human anatomy
Raphael. Details- Patron sponsored artist Significance- Paintings show Greco-Roman influence, secular paintings show change in mindset,
How was the Northern European Renaissance different from Italy's? Religion was more important in northern Europe, so it blended nonsecular and secular ideas.
Who invented the printing press and what was the effect? Johann Gutenberg, spread Renaissance writings widely, made it possible for more people to read the Bible.
Who wrote The Prince and why? Niccolo Machiavelli, because the Italian city-states were threatened by invaders and he wanted to explain to the Italian rulers how he believed they should rule.
Did Machiavelli believe it was better to be loved or feared and why? Feared because he did not trust in people's intentions and believed humans to be selfish creatures that would only act for their own benefit unless fear was used.
Who went against the RCC and why? Martin Luther, because he didn't believe in indulgences, saw the corruption of the RCC, believed the church was standing in the way of him and God.
How did the printing press assist Martin Luther in his attempts to expose the corruption of the RCC? Martin Luther wrote the 95 Theses, which was then widely distributed through the printing press, helping him gain followers.
What happened to Protestantism after Martin Luther was excommunicated from the RCC? It split itself up into more sects, such as Calvinism and the Anglican Church.
What did the RCC do to gain back followers that it lost to the Protestant Reformation? Set up the Catholic Reformation- banned indulgences, admitted to corruptions, Council of Trent, trained priests properly, Jesuits (missionaries).
What was the long term consequence of the Protestant Reformation? The RCC lost its complete control that it once had over Europe during the Middle Ages.
What was the Scientific Revolution? The change from theories established during ancient times to newer theories based on observations and mathematics in the 1500's and 1600's.
Why was there conflict between scientists and the RCC? Scientific inquiry encouraged people to make their own discoveries and beliefs, unlike the belief of scholasticism that was followed during the Middle Ages.
Describe Nicholas Copernicus' struggle with the RCC. Copernicus was asked by Pope Paul to fix the Julian Calendar, which followed the geocentric model, Copernicus understood that the sun did not revolve around the earth, but this was heresy.
Why did many scientists not publish their findings? They were afraid to go against the church's beliefs.
Explain Galileo's conflict with the church, He knew that space was much greater than just Earth and the sun, but this upset the Christians because it made them feel insignificant in the eyes of God, so he was banned to write about it.
Why were Galileo's teachings so widely known? He wrote in the vernacular in order to appeal to all people and not only scientists.
What was the main intention behind the Scientific Revolution? To fulfill a human's duty to make observations and discover more about the universe through reasoning.
Where were the discoveries made by Isaac Newton? Wrote Principia Mathematica, established natural laws of motion, universal law of gravity.
William Shakespeare. Details- Came about during the Elizabethan Era, Significance- Shows the differences between Northern Europe's and Italy's Renaissance, tragedies and comedies of Greece
Fillipo Brunelleschi. Details- Finished the dome of the Florence Cathedral Significance- invented new tools, inspired by the Roman Pantheon
Nicholas Copernicus. Details- Astronomer, wrote "On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres" Significance- Introduced Europe to the heliocentric model and that the Earth rotates,
Andreas Vesalius. Details- Anatomist, wrote De Humani Corporius Fabrica Significance- Explained where blood should be drawn, discovered the anatomical differences between apes and humans
Johannes Kepler. Details- Astronomer, discovered the three major laws of planetary motion Significance- Knew that planets orbited the Sun, area law, and Harmonic Law
Galileo Gaillei. Details- Mathematician and astronomer Significance- Renaissance man, improved the telescope, discovered land forms on the moon, heliocentric model
Henry the 7th. Details- King of England, lots of wives, caused England to be in an economic depression Significance- Father of Queen Elizabeth, caused a split in the RCC through rebellions and fighting with the Pope
Queen Mary. Details- Queen of England, Bloody Mary Significance- Killed many Protestants to try to turn England Catholic
Elizabeth. Details- Queen of England, defeated Spanish armada, Significance- Elizabethan Era, flourished in English dramas, stability for England
Desiderus Eramus. Details- Wrote the Praise of Folly Significance- Shows Northern Europe's perspective of Italy, showed change from following RCC to following the values of Christianity
Sir Thomas More. Details- Wrote Utopia Significance- Shows change from following RCC to following Christian values
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