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8th Gr.US Hist-ch.4

8th gr. US HIstory Chapter 4th

Triangular Trade is trading between the continents of America, Europe and Africa
Enlightenment the idea that knowledge, reason, and science could improve society.
Navigation Acts A series of laws that forced colonist to sell raw materials to England even if they could get a better price elsewhere.
Magna Carta The document in England that ensured rights of English citizens.
Great Awakening inspired greater religious freedom
Middle Passage Where enslaved people were shipped from Africa to America.
Mercantilism Country builds wealth and power by building its supplies of gold and silver. Export is greater than import.
Export Selling of good and products TO other countries.
Import Buying of good and products FROM other countries.
Name of the English Fort? Fort Necessity
Name of the French Fort? Fort Duquesne
Created by: tpeterson280