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MS Studies Chapter 9

A depression is characterized by Debt, not as many jobs, loss of land (Decrease in manufacturing)
One of the major effects of the Great Depression was the less of land due to The great flood of 1927
Governor of Mississippi during the Great Depression was Martin S Conner
Martin s Conner addressed Mississippi’s financial crisis by proposing Sales tax
What insect was a serious problem of cotton production in the 1920s Boll weevil
In what year did the great flood of Mississippi occur 1927
Who developed a process to make fiberboard from compromises wood fibers William h mason
What did Governor Mike Conner inherit from the previous governor when he took office A $12 deficit
What’s governor was given a mandate to create a balance agriculture with industry program Hugh L White
During the depression the federal government became more involved with local government by Providing jobs
The BAWI program proposed to balance industry and agriculture by The industrial art, industrial commission, and advertising commission (offering the industries a well-educated, trained work force)
What was the most important industry checked into Mississippi because of the balance agriculture with industry program Ingalls Shipbuilding
What unpopular program did Governor Hugh White initiate School consolidation program
What best explains why whites in Mississippi joined the Republican party? The Democrats favored integration.
What best describes why the Emmett Till case painted a poor picture of Mississippi? Till’s accused murderers, who later admitted their guilt, were acquitted.
List and define the four categories of farmers during the Great Depression Go
Landowners - at the top of agriculture system . Renters - were from farm families who rented a certain # of acres at a fixed price from landowners . Kept all crop.
Farm tenants- provided tools, seeds, animals, and fertilizer worked from a certain share of crop . Rest went or land owner Sharecropper- provided nothing but his labor. Worked the land on shares (much smaller than tenants)
The goal of the BAWI program was to keep a balanced economy the Industrial Commission and the Advertising Commission, were created to implement the corporations that established factories in Mississippi were granted tax exemptions.
What positive impact did World War II have on the state of Mississippi The economic boom generated by World War II ended the depression in Mississippi and restored full prosperity to both the state and the nation.
Name the two Mississippi military bases that are the largest in the United States Camp Shelby in Hattiesburg and Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi
Who were the Dixiecrats? Southern Democrats .States’ Rights party&adopted the Confederate battle flag as the symbol of their resistance to civil rights for blacks &Dixie as their song , would oppose any significant change in the region’s racial traditions
What was the ruling and impact of Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas? The ruling was that the “separate-but-equal” principle in American public schools violated the Constitution *desegregate schools *approved to abolish the public school system to prevent its desegregation
What is considered by some historians to be the crime that launched the civil rights movement? The crime was the murder of Emmett Till, from Chicago, while he was visiting his cousins in Mississippi during the summer of 1955. The men accused of the crime were acquitted, later admitted their guilt, but could not be tried again
What were the goals and accomplishments of BAWI
Created by: Makaylah2003
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