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U.S. Ch 10

The Jazz Age

1. supply-side economics economic theory that lower taxes will boost the economy as businesses and individuals invest their money, thereby creating higher tax revenue
2. cooperative individualism president Hoover's policy of encouraging manufactures and distributors to form their own organizations and volunteer information to the federal government in an effort to stimulate the economy
3. isolationism a national policy of avoiding involvement in world affairs
4. investigation a systematic examination or official inquiry
5. revelation an act of revealing to view or making known
6. Teapot Dome
7. Charles G. Dawes
8. Charles Evans Hughes
9. Kellogg-Briand Pact
10. mass production the production of large quantities of goods using machinery and often an assembly line
11. assembly line a production system with machines and workers arranged so that each person performs an assigned task again and again as the item passes before him or her
12. Model T automobile built by the ford motor company from 1908 until 1927
13. welfare capitalism system in which companies enable employees to buy stock, participate in profit sharing, and receive benefits such as medical care common in the 1920s
14. open shop a workplace where workers are not required to join a union
15. disposable referring to the money remaining to an individual after deduction of taxes
16. credit an amount or sum of money placed at a persons disposal by a bank on condition that it will be repaid with interest
17. Charles Lindbergh
18. nativism hostility toward immigrants
19. anarchist person who believes that there should be no government
20. evolution the scientific theory that humans and other forms of life have evolved over time
21. creationism the belief that god created the world and everything in it, usually in the way described in genesis
22. speakeasy a place where alcoholic beverages are sold illegally
23. source the point at which something is provided
24. deny to declare untrue
25. Emergency Quota Act
26. National Origins Act
27. Fundamentalism
28. bohemian a person (as an artist or writer) leading an unconventional lifestyle
29. mass media a medium of communication (as in television and radio) intended to reach a wide audience
30. diverse being different from one another
31. unify to bring a group together with a similar goal or thought pattern
32. Carl Sandburgh
33. Willa Cather
34. Ernest Hemingway
35. F. Scott Fitzgerald
36. Edith Wharton
37. Jazz American style of music that developed from ragtime and blues and which uses syncopated rhythms and melodies
38. blues style of music evolving from African American spirituals and noted for its melancholy sound
39. symbolize to represent , express, or identify by a symbol
40. impact to make a lasting impression upon an individual or group
41. ongoing being actually in process, continuing
42. Great Migration
43. Harlem Renaissance
44. Claude Mckay
45. Langston Hughes
46. Zora Neale Hurston
47. Cotton Club
48. Marcus Garvey
Created by: Mrs.LydiaKirk