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Geography Review

Culture Way of life for a group of people who share common values and beliefs.
Multicultural Many different cultures living in the same area.
How cultural traits spread through migration People bring their culture with them during migration.
How cultural traits spread through technology Being able to communicate ideas around the world immediately.
How cultural traits spread through trade Exchange of products from one culture to the next.
Common Traits of different cultures Religion, food, clothing, entertainment.
Cultural diffusion Spreading ideas with another culture.
Cultural diffusion impacts individuals and world societies by changing the characteristic of a place.
How does it Mountains and Deserts impact population patterns They lower the population density by making trade harder.
How does Rivers impact population patterns Pulls because of access to trade and travel
Geography impacts the economy of a place because We use land and resources to make money.
What geographic feature are all the cities on the map close too? Gulf of Mexico.
What role does the geographic feature play in the development of these cities? Easy access to water and trade.
What is a transportation corridor? A physical feature that makes travel and trade easier.
What is an example of a transportation corridor? Gambi River, Africa, Amazon River.
What is a transportation barrier? A physical feature that makes travel and trade harder.
What is an example of transportation barrier Volcano, Dessert, Mountains, Swamp.
Explain ways in which human migration influences the character of places and regions? If People from China Migrate to Japan the language, religion and goods will be similar.
What is a push factor? A factor that makes people leave.
What is an example of a Push factor? Nuclear War, Famine.
What is a Pull Factor? A factor that makes people want to come or stay.
What is an example of a Pull Factor? Ocean access, good land.
What is an example of how human migration influences the character of places and regions By having different restraints and cuisines in the same area.
Identify an example of ways people have adapted to the physical environments in a various of places and regions Using a umbrella.
Explain how people adapt to the beach by wearing sunscreen? People are not changing the physical environment but protecting themselves from the environment.
Identify an example of ways people have modified the physical environment Gold mine.
Explain how Gold mines modify the physical environment? People change the land by digging up the earth.
Identify an example of how technology influences human interaction with the environment Tsunamis impact humans interaction with the environment because we get warnings and we evacuate to inland or high ground before it hits.
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