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Ch 5 Revolution

APUSH 2017-18

Suffolk Resolves Mass. led appeal to resist Intolerable Acts through unified boycotts and military prep.
Shay's Rebellion uprising against state govt. over taxes, debtors prisons, and lack of paper money in circulation
Olive Branch Petition last-ditch appeal to repair the strains of unity between colonies and the crown
Unicameral legislative assembly created by the Articles of Confederation
Decl. of Ind. list of grievances expressing the basic principles justifying revolution
NW Ordinance of 1787 established procedures for territories to have limited self-govt., steps for statehood, and banning slavery in western lands
Land Ordinance of 1785 established procedures for surveying & selling western lands and for creation of public schools
Deborah Sampson woman who fought in disguise during revolutionary war
Battle of Saratoga military victory that had dual effect of incentivizing the French to support the enemy of their rival
'Common Sense' advocated for the overthrow of the monarchy using appeals to logic, not sentiment
George Rogers Clark Patriot leader who led colonial militias to victory in the western Illinois Valley against British & Native forces
Tories pro-British loyalists who maintained allegiance to the monarchy and suffered persecution from the Sons of Liberty
Battle of Yorktown Decisive battle aided by French Naval forces and blockade, that forced British to seek terms of surrender
minutemen colonial irregulars who harassed British troop movements in support of the Continental Army
Articles of Confed. founding document of the new republic that suffered from weak federal powers and was soon replaced
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