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Chapter 3 Test

A Religious Movement in Europe and the Colonies. Great Awakening
Dominant Religion in the Southern Colonies. Church of England
Their economy was based on Shipbuilding, Fishing, Lumbering, Small-Scale Subsistence Farming, and Manufacturing. New England
Cash Crop in Virginia. Tobacco
British General killed at Fort Duquesne. Braddock
This was fought over land in the Ohio River Valley. French and Indian War
British General killed at the Battle of Quebec. Wolf
Who did the British feel should help pay for the French and Indian War? The Colonies
A leader in the Great Awakening. George Whitefield
Writer during the Enlightenment of "Natural Rights". John Locke
A route used to ship enslaved Africans. Middle Passage
First African American to Publish Poetry. Phillis Wheatley
Three-Part Voyage that included enslaved Africans, sugar cane, Rum, and manufactured goods. Triangle of Trade
Majority of enslaved Africans were sent here first. West Indies
A group in England where King James II was overthrown and William and Mary became the rulers. Glorious Revolution
A country should export more than it imports. They have more Gold and Silver and thus power. What was this called? Mercantilism
A series of TRADE LAWS enacted by England. Navigation Acts
Idea that a person may not be imprisoned unless charged with a crime. Habeas Corpus
Most education was found in these colonies and Town Meetings. New England
He wrote Albany Plan of Union. Ben Franklin
Virginian who led British troops in an attack on Fort Duquesne. George Washington
This was caused by Settlers flooding into Indian Land and led to an Indian uprising in 1763 Pontiac's Rebellion
Document that guaranteed a number of freedoms and restating many of the rights granted by the Magna Carta. English Bill of Rights
Charged with Libel. John Peter Zenger
French General killed at Quebec. Montcalm
After the French and Indian War, which country lost most of its North American land holdings? France
Many African captives never reached America because they died during The Middle Passage
Of the following, who was banished from Massachusetts because he challenged Puritan beliefs and the King's Authority? Thomas Hooker or Roger Williams
The Puritans in England journeyed to North America ... To escape religious persecution and economic problems.
During the 1600's the Native Americans of New England were nearly wiped out because of conflicts and wars over... Land and Land Ownership
What resulted in the British claim to Canada and all land East of the Mississippi except New Orleans Victory in the French and Indian War
How were the Pilgrims different than most Puritans? The Pilgrims were separatists, having broken with the Church of England. The Puritans were dissenters who wanted to change the Church of England from Within.
The Massachusetts Bay Colony expelled some residents for ... Disagreeing with Puritan ways and beliefs.
Which group of colonists condemned slavery and took a public stand against it as early as 1688? Quakers
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