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History test


What is the 13th amendment? The 13th amendment freed slaves
What was the 14th amendment? The 14th amendment gave birthrights
What was the 15th amendment? The 15th amendment gave all men the right to vote
What were Jim Crow Laws? Segration laws
What were Black codes? Laws that limited freed slaves rights
What was segregation? The separation of blacks and whites
What was the Dawe's Act? Assimilation attempt Broke up reservations Homesteading for Indians (25 years of work vs 5 for whites) tried to force farming on NA Indian schools
What was the Homestead Act? A section of land (160 acres) was given to any white person who worked land for 5 years
What was the Battle of Little Bighorn? Gold was found on reservations so the NAs were told to move. NAs protested as a group, Clusters and his troops fought them and lost. The US gov't used this battle to confirm NA stereotypes that they were savage. The won the battle but lost the war.
What was the Wounded Knee Massacre? Sitting Bull arrested because of Ghost Dance. Lakota flee the reservation. &th Calvary sent out. 25 soldiers killed. 200 Lakota killed.
Assimilation Get something to be like us
Plessy v. Ferguson “Laws requiring the establishment of separate schools for children of each race were most common; however, was soon extended to encompass most public and semi-public facilities” separate but equal
What were reasons to move west? To get rich, religion, Homestead Act, etc
Reservation a place to set aside for a specific person/thing
Manifest Destiny U.S. and Native Americans did not agree with each other on land, democracy, economics, etc.
What was the white man's conquest? took NA land
Significance of Transcontinental RR caused expansion west, improved transportation, and hunts on trains
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