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Colonial America

study guide for your test over the Colonies

Which settlement did the English attack with a fleet in 1664? New Amsterdam
The leg of the triangular trade route in which enslaved Africans were shipped to the West Indies was known as the Middle Passage
How did England view its North American colonies? as an economic resource
Who wrote Pennsylvania's first constitution? William Penn
In the Southern Colonies, the region of small farms near the Appalachian Mountains was called the backcountry
What was the type of farming practiced in New York? cash crop
Who was the Powhatan chief’s daughter who married an English settler? Pocahontas
Who provided labor for the Southern rice fields? enslaved Africans
Which of these laws was enacted to protect Maryland’s Catholics? Act of Toleration
People who paid for their passage to America with labor were called indentured servants
To prevent an outbreak of war with Native Americans, Virginia governor William Berkeley made an agreement with them
Because their journey had a religious purpose, passengers on the Mayflower called themselves Pilgrims
Which colony offered a fresh start to debtors and poor people? Georgia
Where was the hub of the shipping trade in North America? New England
England’s first permanent colony in North America was named after King James I
Which theory holds that a nation's power depends on expanding its trade? Mercantilism
What was Peter Stuyvesant’s nationality? Dutch
The last of the British colonies to be established in America was Georgia
Which of the following increased interest in science as a way to improve society? Englightenment
Who led the rebellion that eventually opened up Native American land for colonial settlement? Nathaniel Bacon
The movement that led 15,000 Puritans to Massachusetts in the 1630s is called the Great Migration
Which of the following was a cause of the slave trade? Colonists needed a large labor force to work on their plantations.
The British hoped that Georgia would block attacks from The Spanish in Florida
How did most settlers in the Southern Colonies make their living? farming
Which type of farming was practiced in New England? subsistence
What did Squanto and Samoset do? taught the Pilgrim settlers to live in their new environment
Which religious movement in the colonies called for a return to the strong faith of earlier days? Great Awakening
Established clear limits on a rulers power English Bill of Rights
shipping route between three locations triangular trade
people elect delegates to make laws representative government
sell goods to another country export
supplied raw materials to England colonies
heads of colonial households men
producing just enough to meet immediate needs subsistence farming
similar to a small village plantation
the region between the Tidewater and Appalachian Mountains backcountry
first college in the United States Harvard
gave powerful sermons during the Great Awakening Jonathan Edwards
killed many people in the colonies epidemics
passed first public education law Massachusetts
helped students learn to read horn book
landed at Plymouth Rock Pilgrims
country with a feared and powerful Armada Spain
daughter of a Powhatan chief Pocahontas
first permanent English settlement in North America Jamestown
European nation that eventually dominated North America England
Created by: msain
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