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Maya, Aztec, Inca

Maya: When 400 BCE - 800 CE
Aztec: When 1300 - 1521
Inca: When 1100 - 1532
Maya: Region Yucatan peninsula, Mexico/central America, Lush jungle, hot
Aztec: Region Mexico, hot, arid
Inca: Region South America (Peru, Ecuador, Chile), Mountainous
Maya: Class System Hereditary Kings, Common folk- free, Serfs, Slaves, Noble women,
Aztec: Class System Warriors, Traveling merchants, Free people, Serfs/slaves
Inca: Class System Emperor, Nobles, Commoners,
Maya: Religion Pyramids (temple), Priests, Gods, Human sacrifice
Aztec: Religion Chief war god, God of the Sun, Human sacrifice
Inca: Religion Polytheistic religion, Ritualistic, Child sacrifice
Maya: Trade/Economy Trade routes and markets, No money, Agriculture, Tools, pottery
Aztec: Trade/Economy Agriculture, Jewelry, Medicine, Finished goods, Marketplace- barter
Inca: Trade/Economy Agriculture, Labor/taxes, Mines, Barter
Maya: Leaisure Activities Mayan Ball
Aztec: Leisure Activities Tlachtli (ball game), Patolli (board game)
Inca: Leisure Activities Holidays
Maya: Type of ruler/government Hereditary Kings
Aztec: Type of ruler/government Militaristic state (emperor), Ruling elite- royal family, Triple alliance
Inca: Type of ruler/government Emperor, clans
Maya: Achievements Calendar, Math/Astronomy, Chocolate, Written language, City-states
Aztec: Achievements Unique social structure, Large urban city, Pictorial language
Inca: Achievements Architects, Roadbuilders
Maya: Reasons for decline Overpopulation, Ecological collapse, Crop failures (Maize), Overworked land, Deforestation, Revolts/warfare
Aztec: Reasons for decline Sacrifice- blood lust, Rifts among city-states, Disease, Lack of technology- compared to Spanish
Inca: Reasons for decline Spanish, Disease (small pox), Civil war
Created by: 121gcolumbia
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