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Unit 01

Exploration and Colonization chapters 1-3

Indirect Discoverers those who influenced others to explore and find alternative routes to the East Indies for trade
Marco Polo his writings about his travels to China influenced others' desires to get goods from the East cheaper
Conquistadors Spanish for conquerors, these explorers came to the New World for God, Gold, or Glory
Black Legend belief that the Spanish only left misery behind in the New World, but in reality they also created new empires, and a new race of people called the mestizos
King Henry VIII famous for breaking away from the Catholic Church and creating the Church of England, also famous for his 6 wives, 2 of which he had killed
John Smith arrived at Jamestown to find its survival in jeopardy, so he imposed the rule, he who shall not work, shall not eat
Roanoke early failed attempt at colonization in the New World by Englishman Sir Walter Raleigh
Mercantilism economic belief that the colonies only purpose was for the benefit of England
Triangular Trade trade between the Americas, Europe, and Africa
Georgia southern colony created for debtors and as a buffer from Florida
Maryland southern colony created by Proprietor Lord Baltimore as a haven for his fellow Catholics
Anne Hutchinson her questioning of Puritan ideals resulted in her banishment from the Massachusetts Bay Colony
Christopher Columbus the most successful failure in history
Hernan Cortes Spanish Conquistador who was originally welcomed by the Aztec due to their belief he was a god coming from the East, but instead, he helped destroy the Aztec Empire
Queen Elizabeth famous monarchy who energized England and encouraged its competition with Spain in the New World
Jamestown 1607 first successful English colony in America along the banks of the James River, created by the Virginia Stock Company
John Rolfe considered the economic saver of Jamestown thanks to his introduction of tobacco in the colony
Puritans religious group who sought to purify or reform the Church of England and desired to create a model community in the New World, A City Upon A Hill
salutary neglect beneficial neglect, the time when England did not heavily enforce its navigation acts
Columbian Exchange global transfer of living things between the Old World and the New, i.e. squash, horses, small pox, etc
New York Middle colony originally established by the Dutch and called New Netherlands but taken over by the English and renamed
John Winthrop first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony
indentured servant someone willing to work a period of servitude, usually 4 - 7 years, to pay off the cost of the voyage to the colonies
English reformation religious change sweeping across Europe resulting in new churches and denominations
Pocahontas Powhatan Indian woman who married John Rolfe and traveled to London
House of Burgesses representative self government in Virginia
Salem Witch Hysteria belief that witches were tormenting young girls in Salem resulted in mass accusations of witch craft and the death of 20 individuals, true causes of the hysteria were religious, social, and political in nature
Navigation Acts laws that restricted colonial trade to benefit England as per Mercantilism
Middle Passage voyage that brought kidnapped Africans to the New World to be sold as slaves, the journey was brutal
Pennsylvania middle colony created by proprietor William Penn for his fellow Quakers and others who wanted to worship freely
caravel Portuguese ship that allowed sailors to sail around Africa to India and create a new trade route to the riches of the East
French and Indian War global conflict between the French and British that resulted in a British victory and additional land in America, but also resulted in war debt and resentment by the colonists to England
royal colony colony directly under the king's control
headright system pay for your or someone else's journey to Virginia and receive 50 acres = increased immigration
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