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Colonial Rule

How colonial rule effected the Igbo people

By the 19th century who introduced what to West Africa? Missionaries introduced Christianity to West Africa.
What African nation would play an important role in British colonization and missionary work? Sierra Leone
In what two ways did the British plan to colonize? Conversion and conquest
What formalized the colonization of Africa? The Berlin Conference
How was the hierarchy organized under settler colonialism? White settlers installed themselves over the indigenous people creating a political/ social hierarchy based on perceived racial superiority and separation.
What did the Group Areas Act of 1950 do? It relegated non-whites to townships designated only for their racial group.
How was non-settler colonialism different from settler colonialism? It didn't result in a permanent residence of whites, instead the colonial administration implemented a system of gov't called "indirect rule".
How were colonies defined under indirect rule? As possessions of the European nations that controlled them.
How were nations, like Nigeria, governed under indirect rule? Colonial administrators governed through the traditional rulers or those they appointed. As a result the administrators didn't often have direct contact (as in direct rule) with the Africans.
Why did the Europeans find it especially difficult to deal with the Igbo people? There was an absence of traditional rulers, they have a long history of resistance to domination, and the Europeans found them difficult to suppress and were faced with several Igbo revolts.
How did the British respond to Igbo resistance? They appointed local administrators to enforce policies, collect taxes, and contain resistance. They also deployed the Igbo from other regions as members of military expeditions.
When did the destruction and alienation of indigenous institutions begin to emerge in Things Fall Apart? With the establishment of churches in Mbanta and Umuofia, as well as the establishment of the Native Court in Umuofia.
What is the "kotma"? "Kotma" means "court man" or "court messengers". It was a system the administrators installed, but many of those serving on the kotma were strangers to Umuofia. They were used to enforce policies and suppress the people.
After the District Commissioner arrests the 6 leaders of Umuofia, he tells the men "We shall not do you any harm..if you agree to cooperate with us. We have brought peaceful administration to that you may be happy." What's ironic about this? Firstly, the men are in handcuffs. In addition, the commissioner imposes a fine on Umuofia for the release of their leaders.
Who is credited with combing the Lagos Colony with The Southern/Northern Protectorate to form the contemporary nation of Nigeria? Fredrick Lugard
What issues did Nigerian historian Toyin Falola say displeased the people? Racial discrimination, damage to traditional values, and nationalism that was expressed in cultural ways.
What did the growing discontent of Nigerians lead to? The emergence of youth movements, such as the Nigerian Youth Movement (NYM) and national multi-ethnic groups that organized protests. Many of these would provide the foundation for independence parties.
What was the first organized political party in Nigeria that emerged in 1923? Herbert Macaulay's Nigerian National Democratic Party (NNDP).
What did the 1950s see in Nigeria? The growth of independence activism across West Africa and the British Empire.
What colony gained independence in 1947? India, also Britain's largest colony.
What 3 major political parties emerged between 1951-1954? The National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons (NCNC), the Action Group, (AG), and the Northern People's Congress (NPC).
How did World War 2 affect Africans? it gave them new ideas about freedom and justice, and many joined the political parties after their discharge., and they started using propaganda. And the contact Nigerians had with white soldiers diminished the respect that Nigerians had for whites.
When did Nigeria become independent? 1960
What did the Nigerian Independence Constitution do? Created independence and self-rule, adopted the British parliamentary system, and made Queen Elizabeth the 2nd the head of the state.
What happened to Nigeria in 1963? It became a federal republic and substituted the British queen with a president.
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