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Vocabulary Cards

Akhenaten also known as Amenhotep IV; pharaoh of Egypt; from the 18th dynasty; changed the way Egyptians worshipped many gods to only worshipping the Sun God.
Bureaucrat someone who works for the government
Cataract waterfall in the Nile River
Conquest controlling a place and its people by winning a military battle
Decline the reasons why a civilization lost its power
Delta the place where a river flows into a sea or ocean; EX: Nile River Delta
Dynasty a line of rulers from the same family
Embalming the process of removing and treating organs of a dead body to prepare it for the afterlife
Envoy a messenger sent to work with a foreign government
Floodplain an area of a low-lying ground adjacent to a river
Hatshepsut Woman Pharaoh of Egypt; pretended to be a man; increase Egypt's trade, economy, built relationships with citizens
Hieroglyphics Writing Style of Egyptians; symbols carved into stone or written on papyrus
Hymn a song or poem used to praise a God
Impotep an architect in Egypt; designed many of the pharaoh's pyramids
Insense a gum, spice or other material burned for its sweet smell
Isolate to be an independent nation; to be alone
Kemet fertile soil used for growing crops in the Nile River
King Tut youngest Pharaoh of Egypt; died at age 12 or 13; had a cursed tomb
Manual Labor working by hand; building with your hands
Monotheism the belief in one god
Narmer Pharaoh of Egypt that united Egypt; married the princess of lower Egypt
Nile River main river of Egypt; flows backwards; produces Kemet; used for irrigation, travel, transportation, trade, food and water source; has cataracts
Papyrus a Nile River plant used to make paper
Pharaoh A King of Egypt
Polytheism The belief in more than one God; Egyptians were polytheistic.
Pyramid a structure built to honor a Pharaoh of Egypt; also a religious symbol; Pyramids of Giza guarded by the Sphinx
Ramses the Great Pharaoh of Egypt; mistreated the Jews
Role a job you do for your society
Shadoof a tool used to get water from a river; a bucket attached to a pole
Social Classes groups of people in a society organized into groups according to the amount of money they make for the work they do; EX: high (pharaoh, priest) middle (farmers, scribes, merchants, artisans) low (slaves, prisoners of war)
Theocracy A style of Government where the Pharaoh (or King) controls the government and the religion of its citizens.
Tributary a river or stream flowing into a larger river or lake
Tutankhamun King Tut; the living image of Amun; Amun Re- Sun God
Unify to bring together
Unique one of a kind; unlike anything else
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