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Spain vs Dutch


Philip II king at height of Spanish power
Spanish decline revolts in Netherlands (1566); defeat of Armada (1588)
Fall from dominance "was the original achievement no more than an illusion?"
Escorial Philip II palace, more like tomb
"one monarch, one empire, one sword" Philip II dream
Drove himself hard; drove sick-son to death
Price increase in food (5-6x's; 1500-1650)
Taxes Spanish and french nobles exempt; burden falls more on peasants
Bankruptcy 1599-1648 Spain declared 3 times, France 2
Peace of Westphalia end of Netherlands revolt
William of Orange leader for the Dutch
Prince of Parma, Prince of Alva, and Don Juan Spanish generals
Council of Troubles attempted to end Calvinism in the Netherlands
Northern part of the Netherlands 7 provinces- United provinces
Why did Spain need the Netherlands? it was the wealthiest part of the Spanish territory, they bought Spanish wool, and they were at a prime spot to attack England
Created by: sng4fd