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World HistoryQ1.1-10

Primary Source Firsthand or eyewitness account of event that present unedited information Example; dairies/letters, pictures,
Secondary Source Accounts that are not original or first hand but can contain primary soures information Examples; textbooks, books ,journal
Oral Tradition Stories passed down through generations by word of mouth
Archaeological Artifacts Object that have been found and examined that teach us about past people and cultures
Reliability Ability to confirm information is truthful by multiple sources
Cross-Referencing Using multiple source to confirm factual and information and its reliability
Civilization A society with cities, a central government run by official leaders, and worker who specialize in certain jobs
Presentism Idea of using your current time beliefs and applying them to your thinking of the past
Contribution What you have given to a particular event or period that is important
Legacy Something handed down from past generation that's is important
Cultural Diffusion Process by witch cultural item or ideas spread from group or society to society to society
Population Density Measure of how many people live in an unit found area found by the average
Arctic Ocean North of Asia
Europe West of Asia
Med. Sea South of Asia
Australia North of the Southern Ocean
India Ocean Right by the Australia
South America North of the Atlantic Ocean
North America Right by the Atlantic Ocean
Southern Ocean By the Antarctica
Antarctica Southern Ocean is by it
Before (Bc) ----/-------/--------/------/-----/---------------------------- 0
Before Current Era ( Bce) ______ just as use to replace (bc)
Anno Domini (AD) ---------------------------------/------/-------/--------/--------- 0
Current Era (Ce) means the same as (Ce)
Bc= Bce
Ad= ce
Location -Absolute location -Relative location
Place human and physical characteristics
human/Environmental Interaction -adopt on the environment -modify the environment - depend on the environment
Play the bottom It reads and highlights words
Dominated have control or power
Select Maps It shows a huge ____
Historical thinking -Rules -social classes
as population density increase___ for homes Prices
Manners and common courtesy are___ better and spaces for living
Pre-write P.P S.S ~letter/ journals ~textbooks*** ~Pictures *** ~Books*** ~ Autobiography*** Ancient world is my research project. For my two primary source I would use pictures and autography for the ancient world. For my two secondary source is textbooks and books. I will cross reference are reliable. This is how I would find my research
Created by: Layla.nelson
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