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Social studies

Ways U.S expanded Claimed Oregon Northwest Territory (Ohio, Wis. , Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois to enter U.S territory) Slavery- free states Louisiana Purchase- Purchased by President Jefferson from France ( Napoleon Bonaparte) * Mississippi River to Rocky Mts*
Texas independence Southern cotton farmers ^Moved to Texas -good soil - bo weevil (insect) - Led by Stephen Austin Alamo was fought because the Mexicans were forced to worship the Roman Catholic church and the general banned slavery
Continental divide Mountain ridge that separates river systems flowing towards opposite sides of a continent
Sam Houston Led the Texas army, and later became the president
Immigration -Mexico banned Americans from going into Mexico; The U.S put a travel ban on a lot of countries to stop them from coming - People (immigrants) are being deported from the Delete repeated word
The Mexican government classed with Americans and it citizens - a lot of people today are starting riots and protests against Trump and the U.S government decisions.
Religion - In Mexico, it was law to worship the Roman Catholic Church, and most Americans were Protestants. -Today we have freedom of religion so people can choose; some people are discriminated for their religion
Mormons Joseph Smith (first leader) - moved to Utah to Find Gold * Brigham young became the new leader -moved to an isolated valley for a good home
California Gold Rush (1848-1849) Founded by John Sutter - found north of Sacramento California - 80000 people from Europe -most people went broke by trying to make their fortunes; only a few became rich
Manifest Destiny Belief that the United States had the right to the Pacific.
Chinese Americans Discriminated because they were very successful miners
Mexican Americans lost the land they owned for generations
Native Americans were driven off their lands, died of starvation and disease, and some were murdered, only 17000 of 100000 were left.
African Americans Were denied certain rights, and were turned into slaves even if they were free.
Fourty Niners China, Australia, South American, and America were called the forty niners (came in 1949)
Created by: SadKatyPerry
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