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S.S section 1

patent a government issue having a write to sell his/her invention for a number of years
a method to use less coal Bessemer steal process
Some steel products include plows, barbed wire, nails, beams, rails.
plentiful natural re-sorceress like Coal, Copper, Forests, Silver, Iron, and Gold.
Growing__ which meant a growing need for_____ Growing population which meant a growing need for goods
improved____ transportation including raw materials and___ Improved Transportation including raw materials and Railroads/Steamboats
High_________ which supplied______ we needed. High Immigration which supplied labor we needed.
New _______ to produce goods more ________. New Inventions to produce goods more efficiently.
____________ __________: banks/wealthy help people lend businesses money. Investment Capital : banks/wealthy help people lend businesses money.
________assistance: money to help ________ grow. Government assistance: money to help businesses grow.
Define business cycle the pattern of good and bad times for businesses
During good ______, people ___________________________________________. During good times, called booms, people buy more, and some invest in business.
During bad times, called _____, people buy_______________________. During bad times, called busts, people buy spend and invest less.
A depression is a ______ when businesses_____________________________ A depression is a bust when businesses fail, close, layoff workers.
Despite depressions, U.S. industry grew in the years____________________ Despite depressions, U.S. industry grew in the years 1860 and 1900
The nation’s steel output increases because the cost of steal decreased.
Some steel products include plows, barbed wire, nails, beams, rails.
What is a generator A machine that produces electric current.
Who opened a lab and found the most ways to use electricity Thomas Edison
Thomas Edisons most famous invention Practical electric lighting
______________develops the telegraph. What date Samuel Morse develops the telegraph. 1835
_____________________ invents the telephone. What date Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone. 1837
What was the Centennial Exhibition the Centennial Exhibition was an exhibition in Philadelphia to celebrate america's 100’th birthday .
By _________more than __________ telephones were sold. By 1880 more than 50,000 telephones were sold.
A switchboard allows________________________________________ A switchboard allows more people to connect to a telephone network.
Sholes invents __________________________________ Sholes invents the first practical typewriter in 1867.
Elias Howe invents _____________________________ Elias Howe invents the sewing machine.
Because of these new inventions, what are some new jobs opening up for women Switchboard operator, typewriter
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