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Scramble for Africa

In order to prevent war among European nations, This convened between 1884-1885. Berlin conference
This idea about evolution and "survival of the fittest" fed into the racism that many imperialist used as justification in taking over African lands and people. Social Darwinism
Descendants of the Dutch won the first one; the British one the second one. The Boer wars
Governing by providing for peoples' needs, but not allowing them to have any rights. Paternalism
When local populations adopt the culture and traditions of imperial occupants. Assimilation
Ethiopia was the only African nation successful in resisting Europeans. This leader is given credit for this. Menelik II
King Leopold II committed atrocities in this colony. Congo
This wealthy businessman traded in diamonds and believed colonies should be rules locally, not from distant governments. Cecil Rhodes
What two countries cam very close to war over the Sudan region just south of Egypt. Brittan and France
This major change in the production of goods (increase in machine made goods) led Europeans to 'Scramble' for more raw materials in Africa. Industrial Revelution
European imperialism was inevitable due to their superior________________. The Africans were just no match Weaponry
One of Britain's strategic moves in the Scramble for Africa was taking over Egypt. They wanted an easier route to their colony in India through this waterway. Suez canal
The 'Dark Continent' was a nickname given to Africa because It was mysterious and had a lot of unknowns
Rudyard Kipling described the sense of duty that some Europeans felt in a poem with this title. " White Mans Burden"
Over 90% of the African continent was divided up among European powers without any regard to previously existing ethnic divisions. This is probably because 'these people' were excluded from the meeting. African leaders
The Scramble for Africa had devastating effects on traditional African culture. However, it also created intense rivalries among the European powers. They became intensely proud and craved power and prestige. This intense pride is called________________. Nationalism
A positive effect of the Scramble on the continent of Africa was Roads, railroads, telegraph, medical care, school, and new farming methods
European insistence on the growth of these things in Africa lead to a food shortage for Africans. Cash crops
These two countries are the only ones that were never colonized. Liberia and Ethiopia
This country came late to the "game" and actually lost money on their colonies. However, they kept them out of extreme nationalistic pride. Germany
The Treaty of Berlin mandated that nations go to, keep secure, and utilize resources for economic purposes. This means it had to be_____________________________. Effectively occupied
Europeans justified their imperialistic actions in Africa by claiming they were introducing Africans to these "3 C's". Commerce, Christianity, and Civilization
Menelik II kept Europeans out of Ethiopia by doing this. Traded with European countries for modern weapons
What were the terms of the Treaty of Berlin? 1. Effectively occupied 2. Abolish Slavery 3. Free access to all water ways
Define the scorched earth policy. you deprive your enemy of shelter and food by burning it
Define Imperialism when a bigger country takes over a small place to exploit it and take over it's material
What did King Leopold II use his colony for and why was it taken away? He used it for production of rubber and ivory. It was taken away because he mistreated the people who lived there
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