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Ch 5 Notes

Warned the colonist the British were coming? Paul Revere and William Dawes
What was the name of the petition the colonist sent in an attempt to stop war? Olive Branch Petition
I was selected by the Continental Congress to be the Commander and Chief of the Continental Army. George Washington
Purpose of First Continental Congress unified the colonist against Britain
I wrote Common Sense which urged the colonist to declare independence. Thomas Paine
Boston Massacre image was used as what against the British? Propaganda
Purpose of the Declaration of Independence separation from the British colonies because their rights were being violated
the Appalachian Mountains was the line the British government said colonist couldn't settle past Proclamation of 1763
French and Indian war Winner England
French and Indian War was between which countries England and France
Leader of Great Britain King George III
Sugar Act 1764 pg 133 Lowered the tax on molasses to prevent smuggling Writ of Assistance
Stamp Act 1765 pg 134 A tax on all printed material ex: newspaper, wills, playing cards
What actions did the colonist take to get the Stamp Act repealed? Protest In their legislatures)Virginia) passed resolutions against the act Formed organization Sons of Liberty to protest the act Boycott (refusal to buy) 9 Colonies formed the Stamp Act Congress to petition the act
Quartering Act Colonist must provide British troops with food and shelter
Declaratory Act 1766 134 Parliament had the right to tax and make decisions in all British colonies in all cases
Townshend Act 1767 135 Tax on imported goods at the port of entry
Tea Act 1773 pg. 138 Gave the East India Tea Company the right to ship tea to the colonies without most of taxes placed on tea. This gave them an unfair advantage.
Intolerable/ Coercive Act Pg. 139 Spring of 1774 Closed Boston harbor until the teas was paid for Shelter Soldiers in their homes Boston could no longer meet in assemblies or self govern
What was the Intolerable Act a response to? Boston Tea Party
I was the attorney for the Boston Massacre also I was part of the declaration of independence committee John Adams
I wrote a pamphlet speaking out against British taxation policies James Otis
Founded the Sons of Liberty Samuel Adams
This group boycotted buying British goods as a form of protest? Daughters of Liberty
What was two of the colonists complaints in the Declaration of Independence? They didnt have a voice or give consent to the new taxes
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