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M. East Geo/culture

Middle East Geography & Culture

Iraq country where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers are found today
Suez Canal built by Egypt to improve trade; connects the Red and Mediterranean Seas
drought a lack of water over a long period of time
Fertile Crescent area around the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers where the very first civilizations began
desalination removing salt from sea water to make fresh water
Jordan River Israel's main water source; disputes with neighboring countries over it
hydroelectric power dams are built to create this needed resource
Saudi Arabia leading oil producing nation in the world
Southwest Asia another name for the Middle East
aquifer underground layer of rock and sand that contains water
fossil fuels desalination is expensive because it uses lots of ______ ______
OPEC organization that controls oil prices and supply in the world
Gaza Strip tiny territory on Israel's Mediterranean coast; occupied by Palestinian Arabs
Turkey country building dams on the Tigris and Euphrates
Syria country whose water has been reduced by dams built in Turkey; they have lost 40% of their water
Persian Gulf body of water under and around which much of the world's oil is found
Strait of Hormuz militarily strategic body of water; the US protects it to keep oil flowing from the Middle East
Petroleum one of the most important resources in the Middle East
water scarce resource in the Middle East that leads to tensions between countries; pollution and unequal distribution are major concerns
standard of living how well-off people in a country are
Arab main ethnic group in the Middle East
Islam main religion practiced in the Middle East
ethnic group a group of people who share a common ancestry, history, and culture
religious group a group of people who share beliefs about god(s), and may share sacred texts, rules, traditions, holy days, etc.
Persian main ethnic group found in Iran
Farsi language spoken by the Persian ethnic group
Kurds mountainous ethnic group who lives in mountains in Turkey, Syria, Iran, and Iraq
Kurdistan name of the land the Kurds live in--they would name their own country this
Sunni the bigger branch of Islam; believe the leader of the religion can be any good Muslim
Shi'a smaller branch of Islam; the leader should be a relative of Muhammad
Iran modern-day country that was once the Persian Empire
Created by: Mrs. Corey