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Middle East Eth/Rel

Middle East Ethnic & Religions

Prophet who led the Hebrew people to believe in only one God. Abraham
The belief in only one God. monotheism
The first major monotheistic Religion. Judaism
Place that the Hebrews beleived god gave them as the "promised land". Canaan
Hero who led the enslaved Hebrews out of Egypt. Moses
Many people leaving a place at once; the flight of the Hebrews out of Egypt. Exodus
The early Hebrews recorded events and laws in this text. Torah
The scatter of the Jews around the world. diaspora
According to Christians, he is the son of God whose life and teachings provide the basis for the Crhistian religion. Jesus
According to the ancient Jews, a great leader predicted to restore Israel's greatness. Messiah
A key belief that Jesus rose from the dead. Resurrection
Devoted followers. Disciples
According to Muslims, he is the last and greatest prophet. Muhammad
The holy book of Islam Quran
Building for Muslim prayer. Mosque
The largest division of Islam that is united behind Abu Bakr, one of Muhammad's prominent disciples. Sunni
The division of Islam that make up about 20% of all Muslims and follow the teachings of Muhammad's son in law, Ali. Shiite
Five acts of worship required by all Muslims. The Five pillars.
The pilgrimage to Mecca. Hajj
Muslims fast from sun rise to sunset during the holy month. Ramadan
Islam's most sacred place which is the center of the Mosque in Mecca; means cube. Kabah
Islamic Law Shariah
a group of people with similar culture, language, or national origin ethnic group
a group of people who practice the same religion religious group
a government that is ruled by a religious leader and based on the laws of their holy text theocracy
An ethnic group that mainly lives in Iran and speak Farsi. Persians
An ethnic group that lives in the mountains of Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Syria. Kurds
An ethnic group that is mostly Muslim and are descended from the Arabian peninsula. Arabs
An ethnic group that is also a religious group. Jews
The main reason for the dispute between Sunnis and Shiites. leadership
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