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Ch 3 Colonial Life

APUSH US History

English Cultural Domination while immigration from Europe increased, the majority of colonists were from Great Britain, and were overwhelmingly Protestant
Benjamin Franklin popular writer of Poor Richard's Almanac and inventor of bifocals & experiments with electricity
Great Awakening a fervent religious movement that emphasized sinfulness, guilt, and emotionalism in Protestant services, and undermined the authority of traditional religion and politics
Jonathan Edwards Reverend who used Old Testament scriptures to preach God's anger with the sinfulness of man and the need for deep repentence
George Whitefield English minister who preached in the backcountry of colonies rousing sermons stressing the need to openly confess belief in Christ
sectarian the doctrines of a particular religious group; often promoted by early colonial colleges like Harvard & Yale
nonsectarian civic-minded; not conforming to any religious group such as the Univ. of Pennsylvania
describe Hector Crevecoeur's view of the colonies= A=
Scotch-Irish immigrant group that was forced to leave their homeland and had little respect for the British Govt.
John P. Zenger NY editor brought to trial for libel when he criticized the royal governor; was acquitted and encouraged papers to be more critical of govt.
Enlightenment 18th century movement in literature & philosophy to solve human problems by applying reason to discover natural laws
describe the limited government of the Massachusetts Bay Colony: A=
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