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AH Chpt 12: Move Wes

Study guide to prepare for the Chapter 12 QUIZ

In 1862, the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific Railroads built this . . . Transcontinental Railroad
Immigrants from Ireland and China came to America to work on the railroad
The Homestead Act of 1862 encouraged ___________________ to settle land in the West. farmers and ranchers
William F. Cody (Wild Bill), was famous for _________________ killing thousands of buffalo
Before settlers moved west, the Great Plains had been give to who? Native Americans
Gold was discovered in 1874 in ____________ which was holy land to the Indians. Black Hills of the South Dakota
Custer's Last Stand in 1876, took place where? Little Big Horn
The Dawes Severality Act in 1887 promised Native Americans a life outside of the reservations. Why did it fail? Indians were roamers, not farmers
In 1890, Indians were doing a Ghost Dance and ended up having an entire tribe killed. It's known as _______________ Wounded Knee
How did ranchers get their cattle to the cities so they could be butchered? Cattle Drives
Making a train track that went all the way across the United States is called . . . Transcontinental
This is relatively flat land with good soil for growing crops. prairie
When people purchased 160 acres of land for $10, they were called . . . Homesteaders
Another name for a miner is . . . Prospector
When mining towns were built quickly, they were called . . . Boom Towns
When beliefs and customs passed from one generation to the next. Tradition
Created by: marklambrva