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US History Chap. 3-4

Define patroon. A landowner in the Dutch colonies who ruled over large areas of land.
Who founded the colony of Pennsylvania? The Quakers.
Define pacifists. People opposed to the use of war or violence. They're basically hippies.
Define indentured servant. Laborer who agrees to work without pay for a certain period of time in exchange for passage to America.
When did King Charles II create a proprietary colony south of Virginia called Virginia? 1663.
Define constitution. A list of fundamental laws to support a government.
Define debtor. Person or country that owes money.
What did Calvert want for his fellow Catholics? He wanted a safe place for his fellow Catholics.
Who inherited the colony and called it Maryland? Calvert's son, Celius, did.
What is the boundary between Maryland and Virginia called? It's the Mason-Dixon Line.
Due to the Protestant settlers outnumbering the Catholics, what was established? The colony established the Act of Toleration in 1649.
When did Bacon lead attacks on Native American villages? 1676.
What did Bacon's Rebellion show? It showed that government could not ignore the demands of its people.
Why was Georgia founded? The British hoped Georgia would block any Spanish attack on the colonies from Florida.
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