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The Devil&TomWalker

What is the Faust legend? The scholar makes a deal with the devil for unlimited knowledge.
What is satire? Making fun of something in order to encourage it or to put shame on it.
What is the setting in the story? 1727 near Boston
What three qualities make this place good for burying? The inlet lets boats come in secretly at night to the base of the hill; the elevation makes the hill a good lookout; the gigantic trees make the place easy to find.
The inlet lets boats come in secretly at night to the base of the hill; the elevation makes the hill a good lookout; the gigantic trees make the place easy to find. Kidd the pirate. He was caught and hanged.
How are Tom Walker and his wife alike? What key characteristic do they share? They are both miserly
When describing the place Tom Walker and his wife live, Irving emphasizes its sense of emptiness and hunger. Write down at least three examples of phrases he uses to add to this sense of emptiness. “forlorn looking;” “air of starvation;” “sterility;” “miserable;” a “thin” carpet of moss “balked his hunger;” “land of famine”
Why do people have a bad opinion of the old fort that Tom Walker stops at? Because they held incantations there and made sacrifices “to the evil spirit.”
List four ways in which the old man sitting on the tree stump is described. His face is covered with soot; he is dressed somewhat like an Indian, with a red sash around his body; he has a shock of black hair standing out in all directions, and is carrying an ax.
In what ways are Deacon Peabody and the tree that has his name similar? They both appear to be fair and flourishing, but are rotten to the core.
The stranger goes by at least seven names. What are they? the wild huntsman, the black miner, the black woodsman, great patron and prompter of slave dealers, the grand master of the Salem witches, and Old Scratch
Who is the stranger really? the devil
What are the two events that convince Tom Walker that the stranger is who he says he is? The stranger presses his finger to Tom Walker's forehead and leaves a scorch mark that Walker can't wash off; when Tom Walker arrives home, he hears about the sudden death of Crowninshield and remembers the tree the stranger had just felled.
After Tom Walker refuses the stranger’s offer, Tom’s wife decides to accept the offer herself. What happens to her? She is never heard from again. No one knows her real. fate, but there are many stories told about it.
What is Tom Walker’s concern when his wife disappears? He's worried about losing his valuables.
When Tom goes and searches the Indian fort, what does he find in his wife’s checked apron? her heart and liver
Tom Walker and the stranger finally do business with one another. What do you think the “one condition that need not be mentioned” is? that in return for the buried treasure, the devil will demand Walker's soul
What does Tom Walker refuse to become? A slave trader
In what way does Tom become a “friend in need”? Is he really being their friend? Why or why not? He lends money to those who need it, but at very high rates; he exacts "good pay and good security." No, he isn't really a friend at all. He "squeezed his customers ... dry."
How and why does Tom attempt to cheat the devil? He becomes a "violent churchgoer" in the hopes of redeeming himself because, as Irving says, having all the good things of this world, he starts to worry about those of the next.
What does Tom Walker say that brings the devil upon him? "The devil take me if I have made a farthing."
How do the “good people of Boston” respond to what happened to Tom Walker? They are not shocked by it at all, having seen so many "tricks of the devil.”
What point do you think the author is making when he writes that all that was found in Tom Walker’s coffers were cinders, chips, and shavings? Either ill-gotten gain is meaningless, or the point that all wealth and gain are meaningless after you are dead.
A satire is a story that makes fun of something about human nature. “The Devil and Tom Walker” is a satire, but what parts of human nature is Washington Irving making fun of? Think of at least four things. Greed, stinginess, religious intolerance, religious hypocrisy, and the inhumane treatment of others.
Created by: JRog
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