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What diseases effected the Chesapeake colony? Malaria, dysentery, and typhoid
What are some characteristics of the population of Maryland and Virginia by 1700? Mostly men (6:1), half of those who were born there died before 20, few lived to their 50th (men)/40th (women), marriages ended due to the death of a partner within 7 years
Why was growing tobacco hard agriculturally? What sociological problems would this cause? Growing in the same soil after it's been used once made it not grow as well causing the need for more land causing Indian attacks
Where did planters get more labor in the 17th century? Displaced farmers from England
How did the indentured servant system work? People volunteered to work for Chesapeake masters in exchange for a transatlantic passage and "freedom dues"
Freedom Dues Goods indentured servants received after working for their masters (ex: barrels of corn, a suit of clothes, and sometimes a small piece of land)
Head Right System Guaranteed 50 acres of land for anyone that settled into the colonies
Grievances of Baconites Forced into back country in search of land, resented Berkley's policies towards Indians, attacked Indians because Berkley didn't retaliate after being attacked first
Significance of Outcome of Bacon's Rebellion Virginians looked at Africa for slaves because they thought they would be less troublesome laborers in the fields of tobacco
Describe the experience of the Middle Passage 20% death rate, 10 million loaded, 400,000 made it, branded and bound
Why did Chesapeake turn to Africans as a slave source? Whites had a short life expectancy and were expensive
Slave Codes States that blacks and their children were the property for their life of their white masters, some colonies made it a crime to teach them how to read or write
How did slaves adapt the Christian religion to make it their own? They made a religious dance (ringshout) by shuffling in a circle while answering a preacher's shouts which contributed to the development of jazz
New York City slave revolt Slaves revolted for freedom which cost the lives of 12 whites and 21 blacks
Stono River Revolt Slaves tried to march to Florida which was Spanish at the time, but got stopped by local militia
State some of the first families of Virginia Fitzhughs, Lees, Washingtons
List the social classes of the south (descending order of power) Planters, small farmers, landless whites, people who were serving their term
Why was the family the center of New England life? New Englanders migrated in families rather than individuals
What rights did southern women have? Advanced the economic security and inherited husband's estates
How come more than half of N. E. settlers could read and write? Towns with >50 families were required to provide elementary education
What was the purpose of the New England Primer? To teach lessons of social duty, Christian faith, reading, and writing in schools
Jeremiads When preachers scolded parishioners for their waning piety
Why were jeremiads becoming prevalent in mid-17th century N. E.? There were worries in the God-fearing pioneers
Half-way Covenant Someone would get baptized, but not "full communion"
What occurred during the Salem Witchcraft Trials? 20 people were killed because they claimed they had been bewitched in 1692
What does the Witchcraft Trials show about early N. E. society? The government thought they might have had connections to the devil
Why didn't slavery root in N. E. like it did in the south? Staple products didn't flourish, couldn't exist profitably on small farms, no broad/fertile expanses, mountains were close to the shore, and rivers were usually short and rapid
What industries existed in colonial N. E.? Clearing forests, herders, shipbuilding, fishing
Yankee Ingenuity Claimed by all Americans as a proud national trait
What impact did N. E. have on the future western states and towns? Thousands of N. Englanders spread throughout the land from Ohio to Oregon to Hawaii and they sprinkled the land with new communities
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