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SS Chapter 3 test

Social Studies Chapter 3 test

The Haudenosaunee followed the laws and ideas of their government.
The Yurok's form of trade was called bartering
The Navajo learned to ______ to the desert adapt
What was the environment like where the Yurok lived? It had rivers full of salmon.
How did European settlers change life for the Cherokee? They fought the Cherokee for land and resources.
Where did the Cherokee Indenas live long ago? southeastern United States
Sometimes the Yurok used special shells as money.
WHat did the Yurok do when they needed something they could not make? They bartered other people for it.
What is important to the Yurok economy today? salmon fishing
Where did the Haudenosaunee live? on the Great Plains
The Peacemaker helped the Haudenosaunee form a new government and Constitution.
Five Haudenosaunee nations formed a government to help them live in peace.
Today the Haudenosaunee government works hard to protect Haudenosaunee land and traditions.
Where did the Cherokee live long ago? the Southeast
What resource helped the Cherokee grow vegetables? the rich soil of the piedmont
What did Sequoyah do? invented a way to write down the Cherokee language.
Navajo stories show respect for nature
Why do some Navajos build their homes facing east? to respect the sunrise
What did the Navajos do to adapt to the desert? They learned to hunt animals and grow food there.
What kind of trees are in the forests where the Yurok live? redwood
Created by: kja303