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SS 1

SS Vocab quiz

Circumnavigate Sail around (the world); Magellan’s crew was the first to navigate the circumference of the Earth.
Age of Exploration The period from 1400-1600 when Europeans sailed across the vast oceans to explore Asia, Africa, and the Americas
Northwest Passage A way to sail through North America and then on to Asia
Caravel A new type of ship that was strong, maneuverable, and able to sail against the wind
Astrolabe Invented by the Greeks and improved by the Arabs, used to measure the angles of the sun and stars in order to determine latitude
Strait of Magellan A narrow, twisting Water passage near the tip of South America
Lateen Sails Triangular sails that allowed ships to sail into the wind
Cape of Good Hope Southern Tip of Africa
Line of Demarcation 50 Degrees West Longitude, line that separated what Spain and Portugal could claim in the Americas
New World The Western Hemisphere, especially the landmasses of North and South America that Columbus explored from 1492-1494
Magnetic Compass Invented in the 1100s, by the 1200s the needle pivoted on a pin over a card that showed the directions
Christopher Columbus Was the Italian explorer who was the first to visit and settle San Salvador, Cuba, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago, and the South American mainland from 1492-1504
Ferdinand Magellan A Portuguese explorer who served Spain and whose crew became the first group to circumnavigate the globe from 1519-1522
Prince Henry the Navigator Was the third son of King John I of Portugal and Queen Philippa of Lancaster who organized expeditions of sailors to explore the West coast of Africa
Vasco da Gama A Portuguese explorer who searched for and found a trade route to India
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