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Motion Palp Midterm

Tri 2

Chiro Philosophy the human body has inherent qualities to provide protection, maintenance, and restoration of health, and the nervouse system does all this. When nerve energy is interfered with pathophysiologic processes develop.
Chiro Science the relationship betwenn structure, primarily the spine, and function , primarily the nervous system, of the body as that relationship may affect the resoration and preservation of health
Subluxation Incomplete dislocation, a displacement in which articular surfaces have not lost contact, or a partially reduced dislocation
Fixation 2 or more spinal units
Juxtaposition 2 vertebra misaligned
ACC Subluxation a complex of functional and or structural and or pathological articular changes that compromise neutral integrity and may influence organ system function and general health
Causes of Subluxation Trauma(macro and micro), Toxins, Thoughts
Joint Play That degree of end movement or distention in a joint allowed passively that cannot be achieved through voluntary movement
Total joint movement voluntary ROM + Joint play. Voluntary motion and exercise cannot produce or restore joint play. The presence or absence of joint play can only be demonstrated passively
More joint Play loss of joiny play produces pain on testing whenever it is challenged. Muscles that move a joint with joint dysfunction become hypertonicand the ROM is restricted
Fixing Joint Play it can only be restored by a mobilizing force(adjustment) delivered in line with the plane of articulation and against the motion resistance(fixation)
Fixation Any physical, functional, of phychic mechanism that produces a loss of segmental mobility within its normal ROM
Fixation The process of making or the state of being immovable
4 Types of fixation Muscular, Ligamentous, Articular, Bony
YZ Plane saggittal plane. Cuts your body in right and left sides
XY Plane Coronal Plane. Front and Back
XZ Plane Transverse Plane. Top and Bottom
What is movement about the x axis, and through the sagittal plane? Flexion and extention
What is movement about the y axis and through the transverse plane? Rotation
What is movement about the z axis and through the coronal plane? Lateral Flexion
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