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5th Grade Chapter 1

5th Grade Chapter 1 Ms. Fryer

Ice Age Period during which low temperatures caused large areas of Earth’s water to freeze.
Glacier Thick sheets of ice that covered Earth’s surface during the Ice Age.
Migrate To move from one area to another.
Theory One possible explanation for something.
Artifact Object made by people in the past.
Archaeologist Scientist who studies the artifacts of people who lived long ago and draws conclusions from them.
Ceremony An activity done for a special purpose
Mesa High, flat landform that rises steeply from the land around it
Drought Long period without rain
Civilization A culture with an organized system of government, religion, and learning.
Surplus More than necessary. (The Mayans had a surplus of food due to their successful farming techniques).
Specialize To do only one kind of job well.
Pyramid A building with three or more sides shaped like triangles that slant towards the top
Empire A group of lands and people ruled by one empire
Tribute The payment demanded by rulers from the people they rule
Slavery The practice of holding people against their will and taking away their freedom.
Created by: lfryer1