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HIstory7th-test 1

Columbus discovered America.... October 12, 1492
Believed to have landed in America around AD 1000 VIKINGS
Revived interest in trade with the East through a series of wars CRUSADES
Place in the New World where Columbus landed West Indies
Reason the crusades were fought Europeans wanted to take back Holy Land from Muslims
Word meaning REBIRTH Renaissance
The most important invention of the late Middle Ages PRINTING PRESS
A Biblical revival started by Martin Luther in 1517 REFORMATION
Name of the Document Martin Luther nailed to the church door in Wittenberg, Germany 95 Thesis
Another name for the NEW WORLD The Western Hemisphere
King and Queen who sponsored Columbus's voyage to the New World Isabella and Ferdinand
2,000 mile chain of islands between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean The West Indies
Who was the first to realise that what Columbus had discovered was a new continent AMERIGO VESPUCCI
Spanish Conquerors are also called... Conquistadors
Set out to find the fountain of Youth Ponce De Leon
First permanent European/Spanish settlement in what is now the United States St. Augustine
Led and expedition that proved that the world was round Magellan
Conquered the Aztec Indians of Mexico CORTES
First permanent FRENCH settlement in the New World QUEBEC
Spanish Explorer who discovered the Grand Canyon CORONADO
Spanish explorer who discovered the Mississippi River Hernando De Soto
Spanish explorer who conquered the Incas of South America Pizarro
The much searched for water routes trough North America to the Pacific which does not exist Northwest Passage
Reason the Northwest Passage does not exist Rocky Mountains
French explorer who discovered the St. Lawrence River Jacques Cartier
Father of New France Samuel de Champlain
Canada, the Great Lakes region, and the Mississippi River Valley New France
The first European country to settle land in America Spain
This became the source of wealth for the French in the new World FURS
Columbus's three ships which voyaged to America Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria
First English child born in America Virginia Dare
The only clue/word found related to the Lost Colony of Roanoke CROATOAN
Monarch who called for a Bible to be placed in every English church Queen Elizabeth 1
First permanent ENGLISH settlement in America JAMESTOWN
Required each man to place the fruit of his labor in storehouse; failed socialism Common Store
Man who introduced tobacco to Virginia John Rolfe
Indian Princess who aided the colonists at Jamestown Pocohantes
Means the government leaves individuals free to own businesses and make a living dependent on their own initiative Free enterprise
Virginia Cash Crop; brought profit to the colony Tobacco
First Englishman to claim land in the New World (1497) John Cabbot
Leader of Jamestown; "He that will not work, shall not eat" John Smith
Company which was to settle Southern Virginia London
To set and example that lasts or to do something for the first time precedent
Second Governor of Plymouth who served for 36 years and wrote History of Plymouth Plantation William Bradford
First governor of Plymouth John Carver
Representative government in the Virginia Colony House of Burgesses
Signed by 41 men who agreed to work together for the good of the Plymouth Colony Mayflower Compact
He acted as a guide and interpreter for the Pilgrims teaching them how to hunt, fish, and plant crops SQUANTO
Dissenters who wanted to withdraw completely from the Church of England Separatists
Ship that carried the Pilgrims to America Mayflower
Year Jamestown was founded 1607
Year the Pilgrims arrived in America 1620
Created by: Angiemilligan1
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